Thursday, July 17, 2014

End of an era...

Dear Maya,

Well, this is it. Your last day as an only child. Mommy has been totally freaked out about how you're going to react to the arrival of your little sister. No doubt you will be happy and excited and sometimes frustrated but overall you will be fine. Still, in this hormonal state, mommy is worried about you.

First bath in about a year!! Thanks to Mo Willems' "The Pigeon Needs A Bath" for the inspiration!!!
We've had a busy week: two last doctor appointments for mommy, three shopping trips for last-minute odds and ends, and a bunch of other errands. We have eaten out more often in the past week than we usually do any given month. You've been a good girl each time and have really become fond of apple juice.

You also got in a few last-minute play dates. We went to the library story hour, your great-grandparents' house, and your buddy Wyatt's house. Also, on Sunday, we had a small birthday party for mommy here at home and you, Wyatt, Natalie and cousin Gracie were running around like nuts, even before having cake!

Well, mommy needs her sleep for the big day tomorrow. I hope you know that even if the number of people in our family changes, our love for you will never change, sweetie. Love you!!!