Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Gaming, babies, and donuts

Dear Maya,

Yet another thunderstorm is headed our way right now so this will be a quick post. At least mommy has more pics to share this week, even if a majority of them were taken with a cell phone. The quality might not be great, but with mommy so swollen and tired it's hard to run and pull out the camera at a moment's notice.
  • Our 4th of July was rainy and quiet. You had a runny nose and mommy was tired so we played games, read books and watched videos all day. Below are your favorite games: Coconuts, Bugs in the Kitchen, and Richard Scarry's Busytown Busy Busy Airport. 
  • On Saturday morning we went to a Big Sibling class at the birth center. You were the youngest there and a little wild at times, but you loved seeing an absolutely adorable newborn in the nursery and you were pretty gentle with the practice doll, too. Changing a diaper will take some time, though...

  • Mommy has treated you to donuts after her last couple doctor appointments. It's kind of nice to have these little dates before your sister joins the mix. It's funny that you call sprinkles "sparkles," especially because it was kind of appropriate for the red, white, and blue star sprinkles.

  • And just in case anyone thinks you eat a lot of junk food, here's a picture of you falling asleep mid-dinner last night. You wanted a second serving of noodles but mommy was making you eat your beet greens first. You ate most of them but that last bite just was too much to handle!

    Love you, little sweetie!

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