Thursday, September 25, 2014

Apples of my eye

Dear Maya and Emi,

Maya, mommy has to apologize that we haven't been able to go to the farm much this summer to get our crop share and pick vegetables. Between the end of pregnancy, Emi's birth and the aftermath, I just wasn't up to it. But starting this past week until the season ends in November, we're going to get back to our roots (har har). Going to the farm is going to be our special time each week, and this first time back was a really fun start. I know you really enjoy it there so mommy's looking forward to it.

We made our annual trip to pick apples last weekend. It was mommy's favorite farm so we also picked red and golden raspberries and a few pears and pumpkins, too. It was such nice weather for your first time, Emi, and we think you might have gotten the hang of spotting good apples already!

Emi your two-month checkup was this week. Everything looks great and you've gained another inch and another two pounds and five ounces! The appointment went very well except for lots of spitting up on the exam table and a crazy hyper/super needy big sister thrown in the mix. Ah, well.

Other highlights this week were you girls getting loved on by family and friends near and far. Maya, you've finally started speaking on the phone once in a while, chatting with your Great-Grandparents last week and Grandma today. You've also gotten bedtime Skypes the last two nights with Auntie Sam in Australia and Grandpa in North Carolina. Emi, you just about melted in your Great-Aunt Sue Sue's arms today. It makes mommy so happy to see you both get and give love to everyone.

Well, mommy needs her rest. Love you two!

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