Thursday, September 4, 2014

The climbing, the shade

Dear Maya and Emi,

The days are running together now and if it weren't for photos, mommy would really have a hard time remembering how we've spent our time lately. Some days go really well and we get out of the house and have fun and there aren't too many tears shed by any of us. Some days don't go as well and seem filled with laundry and cross words and frustration. The rough edges will smooth out as we get into a routine. In the meantime, I hope you both know that mommy loves you even when I don't show it enough!

A couple of snapshots of our week:

  • Maya's checkup at the dentist--all is well!

  • A walk outside, just Maya and mommy, to make up for some of those cross words mentioned above

  • A trip to a conservation area for a little family cut short by rain

  • Lots and lots of big sister holding little sister

  • A trip to the park spent entirely enjoying one tree--Maya the climbing, Emi the shade

Well, time for mommy to get some sleep. Hoping for a good day tomorrow! Love you two!

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