Thursday, October 9, 2014

Omi, Oh my, Emi

Dear Maya and Emi,

I know mommy writes this just about every week lately, but the past week really has been a blur. I've been preparing your outgrown clothes and other items for a consignment sale this weekend, plus doing the usual errands/housekeeping/childrearing, plus daddy and I have been feeling run down.

We made up for a week of 'meh' with one day of 'wow' though. We finally visited the Omi outdoor sculpture park that mommy has been meaning to go to forever. It was the perfect little outing on the perfect fall day and mommy got to take some perfect pictures of you having fun, Maya.

Emi, you've been smiling a little more for the camera lately, too. Thanks to the vibrating rocker chair that Aunt Kelsie gave us you've even been more agreeable when mommy has to put you down in order to cook dinner. And did I mention you slept through the night on Saturday?!?!? We put you to bed at 7:30 after getting home from a long day of shopping and visiting your great grandparents and, surprisingly, didn't hear from you again until 5:15am! Too bad we haven't had a repeat yet, though.

Well, mommy's going to bed at a decent time tonight! Love you two!

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