Thursday, October 30, 2014

Who ya gonna call?

Dear Maya and Emi,

I can feel anticipation humming in the air around us, like we're about to skip a flat rock over the water's surface, imagining the first few wide jumps that give way to more and more that come faster and closer together. The end of October kicks off two months of a whole lotta special as we gear up to celebrate calendar holidays, family visits, fun times with friends, new baby firsts, and it will all culminate with a big girl's fourth birthday that mommy is already looking forward to.


Okay, back to this week. We went to pick our pumpkins at the Merwin Farm Stand the other day and ran into the whole gang. Maya, you and Wyatt were so happy to see each other for the first time in a while and took up teasing each other and playing together right where you had left off.


We also celebrated Uncle Matt's birthday the other day. Auntie Rhi made 3 awesome dice-themed chocolate desserts to follow a yummy dinner. Maya, we let you pick 3 gifts at the dollar store again and you chose a light stick necklace, a set of 3 spring clips (reminiscent of the chip bag clips you got for his birthday last year and Rhi's birthday as well) and a bunch of fake rubbery grapes that you managed to break a little before wrapping. Lovely.

And, of course, this week is Halloween! Maya, mommy started asking you a couple months ago what costume you wanted and at first you changed your mind each time. After a while you settled on an easy one--a ghost! Mommy looked at some different DIY ideas online to meet your "pretty" and "spooky" criteria. When we went to the library story hour in costume the other day, you were mistaken for a bride, but worry not--your makeup will be spookier on Halloween night.

Mommy had a eureka moment when trying to decide what your costume should be, Emi, thanks to a khaki dress with red trim from when Maya was little. A quick iron-on patch order from the internet and one DIY proton pack later, and you are the cutest little Ghostbuster we ever did see!


See you next skip of the rock! Love you two!

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