Friday, November 7, 2014

Friends. Family. Fall. Fun.

Dear Maya and Emi,

We've had a a roller coaster week since mommy posted last. Halloween was on a Friday which kicked off a crazy weekend that kept us running, and then we suffered the effects of skipping naps and gaining an hour. Thankfully our Daylight Saving hangover has passed as of this writing!

On Halloween morning, Aunt Kelsie wasn't feeling good so she went to the doctor for some tests. Grace came over to spend the day with us and joined us at Wyatt and Natalie's house for a pizza party. Since we didn't have Grace's costume with us, we managed to make her a DIY ladybug before taking her to the fire house and library Halloween events. Then Charlotte and Steve took you trick-or-treating, Maya, while Emi and I stayed in the warm library. Thank you guys so much!!!

Saturday was Aunt Kelsie's baby shower and thankfully she was feeling much better. Grandma and Papa Stan were staying at our house a few days and of course they made some adorable gifts and delicious food for the party. Emi, you were a big hit with the adults and kids alike!

Sunday before grocery shopping we went to Nanny and Poppy's house and you two did a quick trick-or-treat at the front door. It was much too cold and windy for your other costume, Emi, so we threw Maya's old teddy bear bunting on you. So cute!

This week Grandpa has been visiting. We just hung out at home with him which was the perfect remedy for our weekend fatigue. One day we went out for a walk behind the house and played in milkweed, but otherwise we just goofed around indoors for a couple days.

There's lots of fun to come so hopefully we can stay well-rested and healthy! Love you two!

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