Friday, November 14, 2014

New life, new season

Dear Maya and Emi,

What an awesome week it's been! The biggest news is the birth of your cousin William. Neither of you have gotten a chance to meet him yet, but mommy was there for his birth at about 2 o'clock on Wednesday morning. Aunt Kelsie did a great job and both she and baby are doing well.

Grandma and Papa Stan came up and stayed with us a couple nights. Maya, you had so much fun playing with them, and Emi, you were so calm and alert whenever they were home with us. Mommy loves watching you two with your grandparents. You're so loving and so loved!

Speaking of being loved, you have both been given some gorgeous clothes lately. You get hand-me-downs from some wonderful people and beautiful store-bought items as gifts, too. But the handmade pieces that we get are just so special and sweet, mommy loves them all!

Octopus dress made with love by grandma
AMAZING koala sweaters sent to us from Australia by Auntie Sam!

It's a good thing we have cozy sweaters because last night we had our first snowfall of the season! It was a couple of inches and looked absolutely beautiful this morning, though most had melted by this afternoon. Still it was enough for us to get out your new coat and snowpants, Maya, and you had such a blast playing outside with Grandma. We'll be sad to see her and Papa Stan go home tomorrow but we're excited that they'll be back for Christmas this year!

Emi, you don't get to go outside in the snow for your exercise so floor play is your chance. You roll from your back to your side and wiggle your way around on your play mat so you can chew on the toys. Unfortunately we can't give you nearly as much tummy time as Maya had at your age because you tend to spit up a lot. You're still pretty strong, though, when we do put you on your belly. These pictures make you look balder than you really are, but they're adorable nonetheless!

This picture cracks me up! You're REALLY trying to get your hand in your mouth I guess.
Well, mommy really needs some shuteye since I'm still making up for the other night in the maternity ward. Love you two!

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