Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Our two little turkeys :)

Turkey, 2014
Maya Wakamatsu, born 2010
Materials: Magnadoodle, hand
Dear Maya and Emi,

As we get ready to celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow, mommy would like to make a list of 5 things she's feeling especially thankful for at the moment.

1. Thankful for Emi's health and happiness: You've been giggling and smiling even more in the last few weeks. Last night you slept for 10 hours (well, there was one 5-10 minute period of fussing at 11, but close enough) which is one of the things mommy is most thankful for! Oh, and yesterday you rolled over for the first time, but mommy was too busy making coffee and didn't see it. Oh, well.

2. Thankful for Maya's growth and personality: It's been so much fun to interact with you and watch your creativity blossom lately. A few days ago you and Uncle Matt made a robot out of a box. Later that day you turned it into a turkey costume with Daddy's help. Then yesterday it became your movie-viewing seat(?) Your story-telling abilities are improving recently, too, including recounting your dreams to us. It's awesome watching you grow!

Robot Maya (photo by Aunt Rhi)
Turkey Maya
Maya watching The Jungle Book
3. Thankful for water: This morning when we woke up we had no running water in the house. When we showed you that nothing came out of the faucet, Maya, you immediately chirped, "We have to call the plumber!" and surprised us with your grasp and vocabulary. Luckily the plumber arrived quickly and had a new switch for the water pump in his truck so hot showers were available before long!

4. Thankful for electricity: We are in the midst of a snowstorm here and though our house doesn't tend to lose power due to wind, the super-heavy snow is downing trees all over the place. So far, we have just had a few flickers. Knocking on wood!

Elsa, our "snowperson"
5. Thankful for food: We have a huge turkey in the fridge that Aunt Rhi is going to cook for us tomorrow. For once we're not going anywhere on Thanksgiving and it's a good thing with all that snow out there! We're just going to stay home, cook, eat, and relax all day. 

Well, mommy's going to start relaxing right now. Love you two!

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