Friday, December 19, 2014

Santa visit, Five months

Dear Maya and Emi,

Well, the countdown is on to Christmas Day. We've been putting a new ornament on our cute little advent calendar tree each day since the beginning of the month and for the 12 days of Christmas we've been reading a different holiday book each night, too. Lots of spirit in the house!

Last weekend we went for our visit with Santa. Emi, in order to meet your naptime needs we went earlier in the day than usual, right when Santa arrived, and for the first time we had to wait in line. Maya, you were shy but at least you talked to him a little. You asked for shiny stickers for Christmas. Somehow Santa ended up promising you a stuffed dinosaur and a pink teddy bear for you, Emi. We'll see if he remembers when the big day comes along...

This week mommy has had some appointments so daddy's work schedule has been shuffled around. Since that makes it hard to coordinate your sleeping/eating schedule, Emi, poor Maya has been stuck in the house a lot. We did manage a trip to a kid playland over the weekend and a play date with Wyatt late in the day yesterday, though. And since it gets dark so early these days we got to see lots of Christmas lights on our way home from the latter.

Sorry for the quality of these 3 pics, but at least I got my phone to upload again!!

Emi, yesterday you turned 5 months old. Where has the time gone? You are all gummy smiles and throaty laughs these days. Whenever mommy looks at your face in profile I can't help but comment on your, um, generous eyebrows--not that I'm surprised given your parents. Your new favorite hobby is playing with your feet. Maya has started playing with you in new and different ways, too, like having tea parties with you, or picking you up when mommy's not looking. Ugh.


Well, time for mommy to relax. Love you both!

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