Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Llama, Grandma, Pajama Enigma

Dear Maya and Emi,

Snow. Blustery snow, picturesque snow, clumpy snow, powdery snow, drifting snow. Snow, snow, snow. And low temperatures. Lots of low temperatures. That's what we've been dealing with still and are forecast to keep dealing with for a while. Aside from you going outside occasionally to shovel or stock wood with daddy, Maya, you two have been inside a lot. And we do have a bit of cabin fever, okay more than a bit, but we've been doing some fun things, too.
  • Emi, you've been playing more, moving more, and eating more (peaches, green peas, etc.)

  • Maya you saw a llama at the library (or more importantly, you saw your sweet Wyatt)

  • Grandma and Papa Stan visited--Maya, you chose a snowman theme for Grandma's birthday

And now, to close this post, mommy has proud moments to share about each of you from this week. Maya, within a span of an afternoon you managed to master two words we'd never heard you use before--the word "seaport" to describe Cabot Cove just seconds in to a "Murder She Wrote" episode, and the phrase "Seriously?" complete with the sarcastic inflection of a teenager. Holy moly!

Emi, after going back and forth between sleeping okay and not so okay this week, you picked last night to wow us. You slept from 6:15pm to 5:50am, nursed briefly and then went back to bed until 7:30 at which point you and your sister started chattering in your beds and even harmonizing with each other. Yippeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Fingers crossed for a repeat tonight! Love you both!

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