Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A week of milestones

Dear Maya and Emi,

Oh my goodness, so much has happened this past week it's hard to know where to begin!

Mommy will start with you, Emi.
Most mornings you get up early and come to mommy's bed for a little half-asleep nursing session. One day last week you had been nursing for about 5 or 10 minutes, long enough that mommy and daddy had drifted back off a bit, when you suddenly unlatched yourself and said, as clear as day, "I love baba!" "Baba" is, of course, the nickname that Maya made up for daddy and what we all call him these days. We couldn't believe it!

Also, in the span of a little ol' week, you went from just crawling to now getting yourself into a sitting position. And pulling yourself into a standing position! And mostly sleeping through the night! Holy moly! Today you turned 8 months old and it seems like everything just moved into warp speed. We're happy that you're taking it a little slower than your crazy sister who was already walking at this point, though. We love your little bald head, gummy smile, and mostly laid-back personality. Don't change!

And now on to you, Maya.
You went to school! Mommy gave the pre-K people a call to see if we could take a peek at the classroom so you'd have a better image in your head of where we're talking about you going in the fall. We joined a class for an hour of studying, playing, and snacktime. You were quite shy until the very end when you joined everyone in dancing to an alphabet song. Mommy was pleased that you liked it, but you don't yet seem to understand that mommy won't always accompany you...

Speaking of accompanying, today you decided, out of the blue, that no one needs to accompany you to the bathroom anymore! Hooray! You've been doing most everything in there by yourself for a while now, but you would call us in to tear off the toilet paper for you. Not anymore! We're so proud!

And, finally, we celebrated Aunt Rhi's birthday this week. Her actual birthday is today but we had her party over the weekend. It was an international hodgepodge of corned beef, tiramisu, cream puffs, Italian food gifts, and a mahjong cake. Weird, but delicious!


Well, it's bedtime for mommy. Love you both!

P.S. Another milestone? We bought a car yesterday!

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