Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Both big and small

Dear Maya and Emi,

We're making strides around here. Big ones and little ones. Big ones for the little one and little ones for the big one. And mommy and daddy are making strides, too. Some days we're finding a few free minutes here and there. Some days we're just finding kindness instead of sharp voices. Strides.

Maya, you've been creating more intricate pretend worlds and using all kinds of words and phrases to describe them. Today, as you played on a sand-colored blanket, you were on an "island beach" rescuing "bunnies and cats, both big and small." When daddy went to lay down by you, you even quickly shouted"no, you're going to squish the bunnies and cats, both big and small!" Over and over you said the whole phrase together, as if you couldn't neglect each various size of animal. So funny!

We went to the kids' play center with Aunt Kelsie and cousin Grace the other day. At first you were great about helping Gracie around, but then when you figured out how fearless she was you let her do her thing. She found a slide that sent her flying super fast, loved it, and went down it over and over!

Emi, yesterday was the Festival of the Dolls (or Girls Day) in Japan, so mommy put you in this little happi that I made for Maya when she was a baby. It didn't fit around your belly which is a great sign! You made lots of funny faces for me and sat up pretty well while I was taking pictures. It was also your Japanese grandma's birthday! We hope you had a wonderful day, grandma! ひな祭りと言えば、あーちゃん(ばあちゃん)の誕生日ですね。おめでとう!マヤ、エミより

You've also done 3 fun things this past week, Emi, and they can pretty much be summed up like this:

1. You gave your great-grandparents lots of big smiles and giggles and no fussing!

2. You mimicked us really well several times when we asked you to say your big sister's name!
    (sorry it's so dark!)

3. You pretty much got the hang of this whole crawling thing!

Well, mommy needs some sleep! Love you both!

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