Tuesday, March 10, 2015

LOL beret and basket

Dear Maya and Emi,

Mommy is feeling a bit silly tonight. The weather has finally been nice (above freezing anyway) but I've been sick so I haven't gotten out to enjoy it. Daddy's work season started back up today after a few weeks off, and being under the weather on my first full day alone with you two has left mommy exhausted. I don't have as many photos as usual to share this week, but the ones I do have are pretty funny. In my tired, slap-happy state, I keep laughing out loud at my screen. See if you do, too...

  • Maya--Your first time really vacuuming. In your pajamas. And your first real French braid.

  • Emi, here you're sporting your big sister's "super monster" hooded bath towel. Lucky for mommy that first tooth of yours that's starting to come in isn't as big as these!

  • Maya, you asked daddy to draw a monster. He drew Sadako, the long-haired girl from The Ring. You added dots for eyes and made her look like a different kind of monster altogether. 

  •  Emi, you took your first selfie on mommy's lap. Sort of.

  • After four years, Maya, you're finally taking more of an interest in Japanese! You have daddy read you stories from this book daily and you're loving all the Miyazaki movies. You shout "Ponyo" at random times during the day but you can't remember the word "Totoro" so you just shout "Two cats" instead. Only they're not cats. 

  • Mommy pulled out this outfit to try on Emi and Maya, this is what you had to say: "Mommy, I could never believe it. That's so cool. She looks like she's PAINTING!"

  • Maya, lately you've been getting behind the camera sometimes. Not sure if Emi's expressing joy or disapproval of you taking her picture here...

  • You two have taken to singing, laughing, and howling with each other to signify the end of your slumbers in the morning or at nap time. It's cute, depending on the time on the clock...

  • Emi, now that you're on the move we often put you inside a baby corral, but unless you're already in a good mood you don't really like it. Today mommy tried something even smaller, a laundry basket, and you LOVED it! 

  •  "Oh my goodness, it's a laundry basket! This is the greatest thing EVER"

  •  Doing the classic Japanese "Aww, shucks, did I do that?" pose...

  • "Dude, this ball is AMAZING!"

  • Legs

Okay, it's clear that mommy needs some sleep. Luckily I'm feeling much better so tomorrow should go much more smoothly. Right? Did I just jinx myself? Are you two plotting something? Oh, dear....
Love you both!

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