Friday, April 10, 2015

Sick sick and sick

Dear Maya and Emi,

Goodness have we had a rough week! That croupy cough and fever you had, Maya, turned into a week of sickness that passed on to mommy and now Emi. We've been cooped up in one room all week and it hasn't been pretty. Even though feeling sick has been awful for all of us, the worst part is probably making sure everyone gets enough sleep. When one of us would start coughing, it would usually wake Emi up. Luckily you're better now, Maya, and mommy is on her way.

We barely managed to have a quick Easter moment last Sunday. The two of you searched for eggs (after a note from the Easter Bunny asking you, Maya, to leave the low ones for Emi) and started snacking on the baby puffs inside. Your baskets were small this year but you both were thrilled.

That same day while you two were napping, us adults sat down to a steak lunch to celebrate daddy's birthday. We had cake later when you were awake, but it was no party. You were so sick, Maya, that you didn't want to sing or help blow out the candles or anything. You had chosen these fun gold star sprinkles for a space theme and even decorated one of the cakes yourself. Earlier in the day you drew a really cool planet to hang up with star streamers but none of it happened. Boo...

Well, the weekend is here now and the end is in sight for this plague. Emi, hopefully it doesn't hit you as hard as it did Maya and I because we couldn't bear to see you go through that. Fingers crossed for you, little one!

Love you both!

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