Saturday, May 2, 2015

Cousin birthday, cousin fun


Dear Maya and Emi,

We had a kind of hectic but fun week.

Your cousin Gracie just turned 2 years old and we went to her birthday party at the kids' amusement center. Maya, your best buddy Wyatt was there with his family, too, plus there were cupcakes, plus daddy had made pizza for us when we got home. In your words it was "the best day everrrrrr!"

Aunt Kelsie brought William and Grace over to our house yesterday, too. Emi, you spent more time right next to Will than you probably have before and you both seemed intrigued by each other. Maya, you and Grace just love each other--so much that Grace cries when she leaves you.

I wonder if these girls are ever going to let me join in their tea parties? - Will

Hmm...I think I smell something. - Emi

I'm teething. Mind if chew on you for a bit? - Will

Whaddya mean, "no"? - Will

Aunt Kelsie, he was chewing on me--right here on the eyeball. See? - Emi

We are just the height of sophistication, don't you think, Maya? - Grace

Last night and today we spent time at the children's consignment sale where mommy is volunteering this weekend. You both behaved pretty well considering all the strangers and the tempting toys everywhere. To make it up to you, we went to the park late this afternoon to play for a while.

Well, mommy's going to go watch a DVD and relax for a change. Love you both!

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