Friday, June 5, 2015

Flowers, flowers, flowers everywhere

Dear Maya and Emi,

We've had a bit of a rough week. Emi, some coughing and teething had you crying at night which you never usually do any more. And the lack of sleep had mommy super cranky so I wasn't as kind to you as I would have liked, Maya. But there are some good moments and lovely photos to share, too.

some (not great quality) photos of Maya's 'rescued' flowers
First things first, Emi you took your first steps!!! There have only been a couple tentative little ones at a time here and there but we're so proud of you! Before long you'll be running around the backyard with your sister having fun. And I think you're both very much looking forward to that!

we 'saved' this peony from falling over
We celebrated Aunt Bobbie and Aunt Kelsie's birthday the other day. Like mommy, you're always up for a birthday party, Maya, so you helped me make some cupcakes and wrap presents while Emi was sleeping. Bobbie stayed with us a couple nights and played games with you, too.

We've been enjoying lots of time outside. Every day there are little piles of weeds and grasses left by the front and back doors, and every day another flower makes it into a vase, too. Maya, you've also taken to doubling this fake lei around your head to make a crown for yourself which is funny and beautiful. Again like mommy, you love flowers and know the names of many varieties. We also got to take these lovely pictures of you among the phlox last week.

There are more photos from the above 'photo shoot' that I'll be sharing on my photography site soon. Here's a link to keep an eye out for them: JenniWaka Photography . And next week, I'll make sure to get more pictures of you, too, Emi!

Love you both!

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