Sunday, July 19, 2015

Birthdays, bugs, and blood

Dear Maya and Emi,

It has been a very special week! This will just be a quick blog post detailing what we've been up to, but another one will be up soon showing off some very special, very messy photos that we took today. Mommy is looking forward to it!

Last weekend we celebrated mommy's birthday here at home with cake and presents. Mommy also celebrated online by creating a social media invitation to help pay back the blood banks that saved my life around this time last year. So far there have been 4 blood donations and 2 monetary donations and mommy couldn't be happier! This blood drive will culminate with my own donation on August 27th and if anyone reading wants to participate, please leave your email below and I'll contact you!

Maya practicing cake decorating skills--sorry for the low quality phone pics!

During the week we went to the library for the Audubon day where, Maya, you touched a turtle, a huge cockroach, a snake, a walking stick bug, and a dove. Add to that the big grasshopper you caught at home, the snails from the farm, and the frogs and tadpoles (you call them 'tagpoles') outside the athletic center where your swim classes are, and you've had quite a week with creatures. Luckily not too many of them come inside with you!

Yesterday was your first birthday, Emi! Mommy was pretty sentimental starting the night before, going through many of your photos from the last year. We had a pretty normal day at home and we were going to take some pictures outside in the evening but it started to rain. Today we went grocery shopping but after we came home and you got your nap, Emi, we did go outside with this little cake for you to go to town on. Those pictures will be in the next blog post, though!

Love you both!

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