Sunday, July 12, 2015

Up, up and away!

Dear Maya and Emi,

Well, mommy finally had to buy a pocket-sized day planner--the wall calendar just wasn't cutting it anymore. Yes, that's how busy the weeks and days are turning out to be. With mommy's business starting to flourish and so many fun outings for you girls, it's hard to keep track of what's next!

Maya, you started swimming lessons this week! The goal for the first 6 lessons is to get comfortable putting your face in the water and possibly to do a back float. You are fearless and excited and can't wait for your turn with the teachers to go try out each new skill. Mommy is so proud!

Emi, you've been toddling around at a faster and faster pace lately. You get into everything and are interested in any new thing we put in front of you. Your babbling is becoming more animated by the day and you can clearly let us know when you're done--with your food or with your sister's antics.

Maya, yesterday mommy took you out for a 'super duper special surprise' without telling you where we were going. We saw a hot air balloon launch! You were in your own happy world, spinning around dancing while they blew up the huge balloon, closer to it than most of the other spectators.

Mommy was so glad you enjoyed your surprise, Maya, and even more glad that you were up for a few scenic photo ops on the way home from our adventure--after some ice cream, of course! We stopped at a wheat field and a corn field and you commented on how beautiful the sky was and how orange the sun was getting as it got lower in the sky. By George, I think you've got an artist's eye already! We stayed out past your bedtime but it was so worth it!

Well, mommy needs her rest for another fun and busy week. Love you both!

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