Monday, August 31, 2015

Last week before school!

Dear Maya and Emi,

Well, it's finally happened. Mommy has had weeks go by with very few pictures of you two before, but it was usually due to sickness or something. This week I have very few pictures and it's because mommy was busy taking pictures of other families. I suppose now that this photography business is starting to take off there will be more weeks like this in our future, but I'm sure we'll still have enough pictures to look back on. More than enough. :)

Here's just a quick list of what we've been up to:
*Mommy took you girls to go visit Aunt Kelsie, Grace and Will
*You both spent about 4 days in a row with daddy while mommy got in several appointments and then spent the weekend working--you had fun but you certainly tired him out!
*Maya, you and mommy went to the dentist, the farm, and a doctor appointment together
*As a family we went to the fire house so mommy could give blood and after I explained why, Maya, you said that you wanted to give blood when you grew up, too
*Emi, you've been chattering more and more and sometimes saying words that sound like like "choudai" (Japanese for "gimme") and "sister"
*Emi, you've also been giggling so much more with your sister. This right here is super adorable:

Well, that was a quick post but mommy has to get back to the mountain of photo editing and other work that's waiting for me. Plus, of course, we have to squeeze in a bunch of fun this week before somebody goes to school next week. Sigh... Love you both!

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