Monday, August 17, 2015

On the staycation bandwagon

Dear Maya and Emi,

Mommy's been going longer in between blog posts lately. I guess that's to be expected when we're busy making memories. Still, mommy likes to sit and write these posts weekly to reflect on how you're growing and changing and what our family is up to. Otherwise it all goes by too fast!

This past weekend we had an unexpected and, lately, unprecedented amount of time to do fun things as a family. It became like a mini staycation, even. On Friday, instead of just mommy and Maya time at the farm, we all went to get our share for the week. We also picked string beans, herbs, cherry tomatoes, and flowers. Emi, you loved carrying the basket and running around the fields so much that you fussed when we picked you back up.

On Saturday, mommy took you both to a local small-town festival. Like last year, Maya, you enjoyed the bouncy house and riding a horse. You also helped crank an old-fashioned sheep shearer and had your face painted for the first time. Both of you loved the ice cream at the end of a very fun time.

On Sunday we left early and went to a sculpture garden/estate. It was pretty humid and there were some cranky moments, but overall you both liked it. There was a sculpture scavenger hunt, plus we found some newts in the woods so of course those were the highlights for you, Maya.

It was really hot again today so we pulled out your new water table, Emi, and had a great time splashing around. We've been playing a lot with your new-to-us wagon as well. Mommy's been getting a workout pulling you both up and down the backyard and the street behind us.

Well, mommy has some more work to do. Love you both!

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