Monday, September 7, 2015

Our preschooler's last hurrah...

Dear Maya and Emi,

Well, we did a pretty good job with this last week of summer. Tomorrow is the last day we have before you go to school, Maya, so we've been trying to do some of your favorite things while we still can.

On Monday, we played firefighter with the hose. Mommy must've been burning because someone got me really soaked.

On Tuesday, we hit the library story hour and you both sat and listened a bit more than usual. Afterwards we went over to play with Wyatt, Natalie, and Emma for a little while.

On Wednesday, we played with the water table again and also went out for ice cream to beat the heat. Emi, you also managed to climb up on these big diaper boxes in the 2 seconds it took mommy to walk over and throw something away. We've got to keep an eye on you!


Mommy can't remember what we did on Thursday, but on Friday, we went to see Aunt Kelsie and cousins Grace and Will for a little while since we were over their way running errands. Of course we went to the farm that evening, Maya, and picked so, so many cherry tomatoes.

On Saturday, Maya, you helped mommy run some more errands after spending the morning in the kitchen with daddy making pizza dough and baking cookies.

Today we went to the fair! There aren't any pictures of you, Emi, because you spent most of the time in your stroller, but Maya you didn't sit still for a minute. We were only there a few hours because the sun and heat were a bit much, but we tried to fit as many animals and rides into that time as possible.


We walked past all kinds of shops and games with prizes, but you didn't ask for any of them, Maya. The only thing you asked for was to try the fishing game, not even knowing you'd get a prize. And what prize did you choose? A foam pirate sword, of course. Haha!

Well, mommy needs sleep! Love you both!

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