Sunday, November 29, 2015

Funny family turkey day

Dear Maya and Emi,

Well, this Thanksgiving was one of the most poorly photographed holidays of your sweet little lives and you know what? That's a really good thing! Mommy was a little burnt out from doing a lot of photographing this fall and spent this holiday relaxing and enjoying it. Hooray! A quick recap...

  • Adorable embroidered dresses, adorable uninterested faces

  • Delicious food! Turkey and stuffing courtesy of Aunt Rhi, veggies by Grandma, and sporty tiramisu by daddy!

  • Family! Grandma and Papa Stan stayed for a week and Kelsie, Shawn, Grace and Will came over on Thanksgiving night. We love them!

Well, mommy's under the weather and needing some sleep. Love you both!

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