Tuesday, January 26, 2016

No blizzard = park time

Dear Maya and Emi,

While much of the East Coast had a huge blizzard over the weekend that they're still recovering from, we didn't have any snow at all. We even made it to the park for a little chilly but necessary nap-inducing playtime. I'll share the pictures here while adding a few thoughts...

You two are growing and changing so much lately. Emi, you've added several more words and phrases just since mommy's post last week. When we say "one" you can add "two, three," you answer questions with "okay" or "yeah," and you pat us on the back when we're hurt or distressed. Aww...

Maya, you've been learning so much at school and impressing us with your new vocabulary and skills. Lately you've had lots of sudden outbursts of anger or frustration, probably a result of how much all this learning takes out of you. We're trying to be gentle with you, but sometimes we end up butting heads. And then tonight we go in to check on you and find you sleeping with your knees tucked under and butt in the air, just like when you were a baby. And we just want to scoop you up.

Next week we are leaving for Japan! Hopefully mommy can find the time and energy to blog from there, because there will be a lot of stories to tell for sure. In the meantime, mommy needs to start storing up some sleep. Love you both!

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