Sunday, March 27, 2016

A happy little Easter

Dear Maya and Emi,

Happy Easter! Emi, you and mommy were sick a lot of this past week, but luckily we were both pretty much recovered enough to enjoy this holiday weekend. Here's what we all have been up to in a nutshell:

  • Coloring eggs! (Maya only)

  • Hay ride/egg hunt! (Again, Maya only)

  • Easter gifts were super simple this year because we really don't need more stuff in our house. Emi, you got these apple sauce pouches and a cute little watermelon stuffed cube. Maya, you got a Frozen crown and hand soap, and these shoes that made you cry for an hour when mommy didn't buy them for you a few weeks ago! There were stampers, stickers, and fruit snacks hidden in the plastic eggs. It may have all been low key, but you two still ate it up!

Daddy had to go do a little work, so mommy got you two all dolled up in your Easter dresses and tried to grab a few photos outside after lunch. Then we piled into the car with daddy and Uncle Matt and headed to your great-grandparents' house to see them. It was a really nice afternoon.

Well, mommy needs some serious sleep. Love you both!

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