Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Field trip, bike trip

Dear Maya and Emi,

This is going to be a short post. Mommy is trying to balance paying attention to both of you (it's your spring break, Maya!) and getting my work done. And then there's regular housework and cooking, getting ready for our family photos tomorrow, and various other events in the near future. Eek!

Last week you had your first school field trip, Maya. You went to Hancock Shaker Village and got to see and touch lots of different farm animals. You had lots of stories about your day, but the one you keep going back to is how you fell asleep leaning against your teacher on the bus ride home. Aww!

Yesterday was our first real day of spring break, so we went to the Rail Trail but went a bit further than we do on school days. We stopped for a little while at the pond at the far end of our hike, then a little while before we got in the car when we returned. You both napped well when we got home!

Well, back to work and play for us. Love you both!

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