Monday, May 2, 2016

Balloons, bubbles, blue cupcakes

Dear Maya and Emi,

Another quick post tonight, my dears. Mommy just got a new work desk and chair so I'm going to take the opportunity of doing my work in a comfortable environment and get as much done as I can before bed!

Today marked the end of spring break for you, Maya, and Emi and I certainly missed you! You were such a good big sister and helper around the house last week. You were happy to get back to school, though, and see all of your friends and your teachers.

If it weren't for the striped pants, Emi in these pictures reminds me of a chubby cherub in a Renaissance painting!
Yesterday was your cousin Grace's 3rd birthday! Her party was going to be at the park but due to rain it was held at the local firehouse. It was a great location and Aunt Kelsie and Uncle Shawn brought bubbles and balloons and coloring books to play with--and it was a blast! We love you, Gracie!




Well, mommy's going to go be productive. Love you both!

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