Monday, June 6, 2016

Eric Carle, GREAT-grandparents

Dear Maya and Emi,

Mommy is a little behind in blogging again. Yes, the last two weekends have been hectic and that's part of the reason. But it's also as much due to the nice, hot weather last week keeping us playing outside with bubbles, the water table, and the hose. Hooray for summer!

The biggest news around here lately, well at least for mommy and for you, Maya, was what we did last Saturday morning. We met Eric Carle! He's been one of your favorite authors for a long time and mommy loves his work, too. We had such a hard time choosing books to take and buy, but in all he signed 4 for us, including drawing two adorable animals! Mr. Carle took plenty of time to chat with each of his adoring fans young and old (and I mean that--we were directly in line between a toddler celebrating her first birthday, a senior woman there by herself, and a family from Chicago who added extra flights to their itinerary to meet him). When we chatted with him and showed him our copy of the bilingual book he collaborated on with a Japanese author, he told us how much he loved Japan and Japanese picture books. What a sweet man and a wonderful experience!

Last Monday we went to visit your great-grandparents to belatedly celebrate Nanny's birthday. You've been quite the little spitfire lately, Emi, daily making us wonder why the 'terrible twos' had to start early. You were so well-behaved and entertaining during our visit, though. Between the yummy lunch, the cakes and cupcakes, and all the attention they lavish on you, it makes sense that you would be. Nanny and Poppy's house is the best place ever, isn't it?

Well, mommy has to sign off now. Love you both!

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