Sunday, July 24, 2016

Bamboo Panda Birthday Party

Dear Maya and Emi,

It wouldn't have been unusual for us to have lots of meltdowns from grandparent withdrawal after our trip to NC, but we've actually had a really fun and busy couple of weeks. And now Grandpa is visiting us for your birthday party, Emi, so that helps of course!

Our first week back we spent lots of time in our new kiddy pool, hit the library reading hour, and went on two really long hikes. The first was at the beautiful Innisfree Gardens with Wyatt, Natalie, Emma, and baby Quinn (not pictured). The second was just us at the park nearby. Holy tired!

Above two photos courtesy of Charlotte!

Then we celebrated mommy's birthday. Maya you made me this lovely pom pom art (thanks for adding my age, ahem). We had a nice little party in the backyard with Kelsie, Shawn, Gracie, and Will and mommy's requested fresh spring rolls and ice cream cake. Yay!

Then it was time to celebrate your birthday, Emi! On the actual day we put a candle in muffin for you, which you loved. We opened up some presents then including some realistic sushi model toys from your grandparents in Japan and adorable clothes and a sweet panda bear from Matt and Rhi.

Back in February when we were in Japan, you were learning to identify bamboo, Maya. While we drove around, you would often ask if some trees you saw were bamboo, and when you did, your little copy cat sister (yes, you Emi) would gleefully shout "bamboo, bamboo!" every time. This was the inspiration for the bamboo/panda theme for your party today, Emi. Maya, you helped me make and decorate the cake and cupcakes, and they as well as the bamboo and panda-themed favors were a hit.

photo by Grandpa

The best part of the party, though, was definitely watching you spend a good minute or two trying to blow out your candles, Emi. From your high chair, trying to blow out the flames on top of the candles on top of the cake on top of the cake stand on top of the table was a little difficult. You didn't give up, though, and when Baba lifted you up to get the last one you were pretty proud of yourself. It was so cute! And then you had a ball eating the cake with a spoon, your hands, and your face!


We had such a great time with our family and friends. Emi, you were shy and quiet during the first half of your party, especially when you were busy eating, but after the sugar rush of your cake hit, you were silly as always while opening your gifts.


Well, mommy needs some rest. Grandpa's leaving tomorrow so unless we keep active we might get those meltdowns after all. Wish me luck! Love you both!