Monday, July 18, 2016

How is Emi two?!?!?

Dear Emi,

This post is just for you since today is your SECOND birthday! How did that happen already? You're still a mama's girl, love to snuggle, and your hair took a long time to really start filling in so mommy was able to hold on to the denial for a while, but you aren't a baby anymore. *Sniff!* In this post, mommy is going to include pictures from the last year that haven't been on here before, as well as some details about you to capture you as you are right now. Here goes:

Bedtime songs we sing to you:

  • Mommy has always sung descending scales to you at bedtime
  • Daddy uses the song we sing for Maya for you, too: "Good night birdies in the trees, Good night grass and bugs and bees, Good night mountains, Good night flowers, Emi's gonna go to sleep for eleven hours" (lyrics changed to "See you later birdies...Emi's gonna take a nap for a couple hours" for nap time)

Songs you can sing (to varying degrees of accuracy):

  • Twinkle, twinkle
  • ABCs (you tend to rap more than sing them)
  • Clean up, clean up
  • Happy birthday
  • The good night birdies song above

Interesting words/phrases you say:

  • Mizu (Japanese for ‘water’)
  • What, honey? (this is new as of last week and it’s hysterical!!!
  • Thank you, (name)
  • You’re welcome
  • Octopus (you say “apple juice”)
  • Your numbers up to about 14 or so
  • You tend to use full sentences, even if some of the words in them are hard to understand, i.e. “Oh, that’s a …”

And these interview questions we've been doing for Maya for the last few years...
Favorite toy:   Toy sushi, which you got more of tonight!
Favorite game:   Peek-a-boo, chase
Favorite thing to do inside:   Dance! And you really have some moves for such a little thing!
Favorite thing to do outside:   Play in the pool for as long as we’ll let you, even if it’s frigid!
Favorite place to go:   Wherever your sister goes!
Favorite book:   You love these 2 Japanese Anpan-man books we have
Favorite TV show:   Little Einsteins or Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood
Favorite movie:   I’m not sure you really watch them much
Favorite song:   Twinkle, twinkle, Happy birthday
Favorite animal:   bunnies, cats, pandas
Favorite breakfast:   bagels
Favorite lunch:   quesadillas
Favorite dinner:   sushi
Favorite fruit:   bananas
Favorite vegetable:   cucumbers
Favorite drink:   apple juice
Best friend:   Maya (or mama)
Biggest fear:   Having your face wiped? Taking a bath? Maybe not a fear but you act like it!
When you grow up you want to be a:   hmm, too early for this question
Things you take to bed:   tiny plush lovey blanket, your 'baby' that Grandma made, and several stuffed animals including a glowing musical seahorse that you sometimes roll over on and activate in the middle of the night, a panda from GrandpaLori, and a panda from Matt and Rhi as of tonight!

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