Friday, December 30, 2016

Maya sixth year recap


Good morning, birthday girl! Maya you are six years old today so this post is all about you. Mommy asked what you would like to do today and you said you wanted a surprise. Since you won't be reading this post beforehand, I can report that I plan to take you out to lunch, to a movie, and to see your buddies Wyatt and Natalie. Then we'll come home and have your requested waffle dinner and open some presents!

beautiful Belle dress from Grandma and Papa Stan

Maya, you're growing up so quickly. You're very much into Beauty and the Beast and the Nutcracker right now. You can read tons of words that are 3 to 4 letters long and even figured out 'family' and 'polar' in the car on Christmas Day. Your artistic skills always amaze us. You have been very snuggly lately. Last night you told us that your mouth hurt a little and we discovered a 6-year molar peeking out. Mommy and daddy didn't even know about 6-year molars. Whoa.

Here are your answers to our annual interview. Previous years are here, here, and here.

Favorite toy: animals
Favorite game: the apple game (“Apple Pop”)
Favorite thing to do inside: play with Mama and Baba and Emi
Favorite thing to do outside: play in the snow
Favorite place to go: to the fair or to the airport (!)
Favorite book: Splat the Cat
Favorite TV show: Octonauts
Favorite movie: Castle in the Sky
Favorite song: Apples and Bananas
Favorite animal: cat
Favorite breakfast: pancakes
Favorite lunch: tortillas with cheese and spinach and corn
Favorite dinner: curry and rice
Favorite fruit: grapefruit (Hmm, not sure about that one) and orange
Favorite vegetable: cucumber (with salt)
Favorite drink: lemonade
Best friend: Emi (awwwwww)
Biggest fear: when I’m in the dark and something looks like a monster at night
When you grow up you want to be: a photography (I explained the ‘er’ ending and you said, “yeah, just like you”)
Things you take to bed: my Beanie Boos—a jaguar, a leopard, another leopard, a unicorn, and a dragon—and a big blanket that used to be mama’s

And here are some of mommy's favorite photos of you from this year. 

January (your birthday party)

February (in Japan)

March (Easter)


May (meeting Eric Carle!)

June (last day of Pre-K)


August (at the county fair)

September (first day of Kindergarten)


November (cell phone pic at the Nutcracker)


Well, mommy needs to go get ready for our fun day. Love you so so so much!

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