Monday, December 26, 2016

Merry day after Christmas!

Dear Maya and Emi,

We had such a great, fun, relaxing, funny, and love-filled week!

Maya, you were so excited to pass out gifts to all your classmates and teachers at school. On the last day before vacation you hugged your bus driver on the way home and told me that you initiated a group hug with your whole class at the end of the day because you're going to miss them. Aww!!

On Thursday night Grandma and Papa Stan arrived with Tessa. Then on Friday your Great (especially in the awesome sense of the word) Aunt Sue-Sue came to visit. She brought Santa hats, a bunch of yummy Christmas cookies, and we got in lots of laughs and snuggles while she was here. Aunt Bobbie also got to our house on Friday and stayed overnight. We loved spending time with her, not to mention getting some of her amazing hugs, just in time for Christmas!

Papa Stan got this awesome gift from Matt and Rhi--a whiskey wreath!

selfie by Grandma

Christmas morning you two slept until 7am! I think the darkness tricked you into thinking it was still nighttime and you were worried about not staying in bed while Santa was here. He didn't miss you though--Emi, he brought you tons of different dress up items and Maya, he brought you a bunch of Beanie Boo-related toys and accessories. We opened the gifts upstairs so everyone else could sleep a little later downstairs!

Once everyone was up and dressed we followed tradition with a trip to Nanny and Poppy's house for the Best Breakfast of the Year! Kelsie, Shawn, Grace and Will joined us there and we had quite a fun commotion with all the eating, gift giving, gift opening, and running around.

After all the multitude of gifts were opened at Nanny and Poppy's we managed to get some photos out on the deck. It wasn't quite as warm as last Christmas, but it wasn't as cold as all their snow made it look, either. Once the pictures were done, we all headed back to our house for Christmas part 3 (or 4 or 5? I kind of lost count) and had a ball trying out the new toys and games (both the kids and adults!) until everyone got sleepy. What a great day!


Well, mommy is going to go get some more post-holiday snuggles in with you two. Love you both!

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