Saturday, October 29, 2016

Giants, princesses and knights

Dear Maya and Emi,

Ahhh, it's been a while again. Hopefully sometime next month mommy will get back to more regular blogging. October was the busiest month of my business so far so I have had meetings and editing marathons most nights. I still have lots to do, but I have some cute photos I want to share now!

A couple weeks ago Grandpa and Lori came to visit for a few days. They were in the area for a Giants game, so when I suggested we have a little photo shoot with them, that ended up being the deciding factor in our wardrobe choices. That and the super warm weather. So cute!

Yesterday was your Halloween parade at school, Maya. This year you went back and forth for ages about whether you wanted to be a unicorn or a fox. Then one day in the store and you saw a glow wand and changed your mind for good--a princess! Easy peasy with a dress and hat we already had.

After we left the store with the glow wand we popped over to a dollar store to find inspiration for Emi's costume. Right there on the wall were chest plates, shields and glow swords--a knight in shining armor! Four dollars later we had two costumes and fun additions to our dress-up collection!

Tonight we took your cute costumes for a spin around Millerton with your buddies Wyatt and Natalie. The old school house and the library were 'haunted' for the occasion, plus you got cookies, candy, glow sticks, and temporary tattoos. And got to decorate a pumpkin. You didn't want to leave!

Well, mommy needs to sign off and do some work. Love you both!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Growing girls, Spirit week

Dear Maya and Emi,

Another quick post because mommy is low on time and low on quality photos to share. 'October is to photographers as April is to accountants.' Mommy'd heard that before but this year we're really living it! Luckily you guys are having lots of quality time with daddy while mommy is working.

Emi made a tower and a boat on her own!
"The apples Baba picked with me" (suddenly Maya's writing a lot of letters backwards,
but we're so proud that she's trying to spell so many words and sentences)
"The dinosaurs"
Daily dress up time
Our buddy Natalie's birthday party!
This morning is the only time in ages mommy has pointed a real camera at one of you instead of my inferior cell phone camera. Emi, you're getting so big and you look so adorable with your ponytail. We are so proud of all you're learning these days and constantly surprised at the words and sentences you come out with. Lately you often stick "now" into your questions and it sounds like you're admonishing us when you say "What's that now?" Too funny!

The week before last was Spirit Week at your school, Maya. Each day you had to wear something different and most days weren't too hard. Crazy hair day found mommy chasing you to the bus with my finger caught in your hair, though. That was crazy, all right.

Monday: Dress Up Day

Tuesday: Pajama Day

Wednesday: Crazy Hair Day

Thursday: Sports Team Day

Friday: School Spirit Day (orange and white)

Well, mommy needs to get some work done. Love you both!