Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Cute as a button

Dear Maya,

So, about last week's lack of a post...

Your little sibling-to-be has been making mommy feel pretty sick, especially at night. As of last week we are past the first trimester so hopefully things will be looking up. But until then, mommy is putting her energy where it is important and slacking a little on things like blogging, vacuuming, etc. Unfortunately I've also been slacking on taking pictures, which is something I usually really love to do, but in my state it's not much fun. Here are the photos I have managed these last two weeks to illustrate the highlights of our little family life.

Time outside with daddy when we could--we've had crazy cold temperatures but not too much snow.

Babysitting Baby Grace--you spent more time in the pack 'n' play than she did, by choice!

Grandma, Papa Stan and Tessa are here for a week! Today we went with them to visit your great-grandparents. As always, you ran around crazy-dancing to the player piano music, this time adding some somersaults into the mix. Oh, the static electricity!

Tonight we threw Grandma a sewing/button-themed little family party. You loved helping make the cupcakes, giving her sewing-related gifts, reorganizing (and re-reorganizing) the button collection we gave her, and helping her blow out the candles. What a fun day!


Well, mommy needs some sleep! Love you!

P.S. Also, you had your first dentist appointment yesterday. You freaked out at the electric polisher and suction thingies, but otherwise you were okay. And, they said your teeth are perfect! Yay!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Funny words, caring heart


Dear Maya,

Last week we went to your 3 year appointment and the doctor was very pleased with your growth and energy and personality. You have been gaining new words and ideas so quickly lately. It's really fun to watch you learn and make adorable mistakes in the process.

New songs you've been working on lately include "I've been working on the railroad" and "Frosty the snowman." Both are tricky, but the latter seems to be your real challenge. Your version goes something like this: "Frosty the snowman, a happy happy snow, a happy happy snow, I can't believe it..." So funny!

A few times lately you've said a phrase that sounded very much like "sugar cheese" and mommy couldn't figure out what you were asking for. Finally today in the bathroom it all made sense--you were asking for me to "check your teeth" to see if they needed flossing. Flossing is a new hobby, apparently.

Your compassion has been growing in leaps and bounds, too. Lately whenever mommy's morning sickness is getting her down, she can count on you to ask "You not feel good?" and pat her back. You even told me I was beautiful the other day as I was throwing my hair back into a ponytail. And these days you often say, as soon as a loved one leaves to go to work or to go home, "I miss..." and it is so sweet. You're such a loving little girl and that makes us so happy!

Well, rest time for mommy. Love you!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Third year recap and...

Dear Maya,

Pinterest is filled with adorable ideas for family traditions, one of which is interviewing children every year on or around their birthdays and recording the changing answers for posterity. Mommy attempted this with you for the first time today and it did not go quite as well as I'd hoped. Here's how it started:

     Mommy: How old are you?
     Maya: 2
     Mommy: 2?
     Maya: Yeah.
     Mommy: How old are you?
     Maya: 2, mama. I want the flashlight. Please.
     Mommy (handing you the flashlight): How old are you?
     Maya: 3

And then:
     Mommy: What's your favorite color?
     Maya: I want black. (You were coloring and wanted a black marker)

And finally:
     Mommy: What's your favorite snack?
     Maya: I cutting scissors! (In a 'Stop pestering me--I'm busy crafting!' tone of voice)

So, until your next birthday when you are hopefully less averse to being asked questions, mommy is going to answer a bunch of questions for you.
  • Favorite toy:   Legos
  • Favorite game:   hide and seek with Matt and Rhi (when 'seeking' you count to 'twenty-ten,' er, 30)
  • Favorite thing to do inside:   arts and crafts, especially play-doh, painting, drawing and cutting paper
  • Favorite thing to do outside:   pick up sticks or play in the snow, depending on the weather
  • Favorite place to go:   the park or the library, depending on the weather
  • Favorite book:   Chicka Chicka Boom Boom has just made a comeback
  • Favorite TV show:   Curious George
  • Favorite movie:   Aristocats or Merry Madagascar
  • Favorite song:   Happy Birthday (you like to insert every name you can think of in one verse)
  • Favorite animal:   the octopus is still popular around here, along with frogs, monkeys and sheep
  • Favorite breakfast:   dry cereal eaten with chopsticks!
  • Favorite lunch:   quesadillas
  • Favorite dinner:   pizza or sushi
  • Favorite fruit:   pears
  • Favorite vegetable:   carrots
  • Favorite drink:   hot cocoa
  • Best friend:   Wy-Wy
  • Biggest fear:   going down the drain
  • When you grow up you want to be a:   doctor!
  • Things you take to bed:   2 red blankets, your sheep lovey, and other stuffed animals that may include Kermit, your big sheep, your other green frog, your red octopus, your monkey puppets, etc., etc.

Since that was a long bit of writing without any pictures, mommy has also put together a collection of photos from the last year that haven't been shared on the blog before:












And now for a special message from you to all your blog followers:

You're going to be a big sister! Initially you didn't seem too excited, but since then you've changed your mind. Now you often hug mommy's belly and say you love the baby. It's so sweet and given how you are with your cousin Grace, we're certain you will be a wonderful big sister. When we went for an ultrasound earlier this week you watched the screen and said the baby was in water, which is funny because you sound like you're saying "mommy has a baby in the bay" instead of "belly." I guess you're right either way!

Well, mommy's headed to bed now. Love you!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Our Maya doll's THREE!

Dear Maya,

What a week! Last Thursday and Friday we all worked around our regular work/household routines to get Christmas clutter squared away and get geared up for your THIRD birthday party! How did it get here so fast?!?!? On Saturday night after you were in bed your Grandpa and Lori arrived. You were so excited to see them the next morning and they played with you lots so mommy and daddy could get last minute stuff done for your party in the afternoon.

This year your party theme was kokeshi, or Japanese wooden dolls. Mommy painted small wooden dolls and daddy constructed a larger paper mache version. We also had paper lanterns, paper chains, and lots of paper cherry blossom effects everywhere. The favors were Japanese cards, tea and dolls. The menu, as always, was pizza and snacks and desserts, with a little Japanese flair in the way of green tea frosting and freeze-dried cherry blossom flakes on the cupcakes, and wasabi peas and rice crackers on the snack table.

Your best buddy Wyatt was right next to you every step of the way, helping you open gifts and wanting to blow out the candle with you. Later on the two of you entertained us all with a lively round of toddler wrestling that was one part danger, nine parts giggles. You also spent lots of time making music with and for all of us, handing out the new instruments you got and asking us to play. It was such a fun party and you shared your love and enthusiasm with everyone.


The next day on your actual birthday, we had a quieter day but had another mini celebration in the evening. Mommy and daddy gave you your last gifts--bottles, a bib, and a pack n play bassinet that were perfect for the new doll you received from your great grandparents. You spent the rest of the night splitting your time between feeding your doll and playing dress up thanks to your new costume wardrobe stand from Wyatt's parents. All the adults thoroughly enjoyed watching you and sometimes joining in on the fun!


We were sad to see Grandpa and Lori go on New Year's Eve, but we'll see them again soon. And now that it's New Year's Day, all of the excitement of your birthday and the holidays are officially behind us. Hopefully you won't go through the sort of withdrawal you sometimes do after events are over and guests leave us.

Well, after staying up 'til midnight last night, mommy is ready to get to bed. Love you!