Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Cute as a button

Dear Maya,

So, about last week's lack of a post...

Your little sibling-to-be has been making mommy feel pretty sick, especially at night. As of last week we are past the first trimester so hopefully things will be looking up. But until then, mommy is putting her energy where it is important and slacking a little on things like blogging, vacuuming, etc. Unfortunately I've also been slacking on taking pictures, which is something I usually really love to do, but in my state it's not much fun. Here are the photos I have managed these last two weeks to illustrate the highlights of our little family life.

Time outside with daddy when we could--we've had crazy cold temperatures but not too much snow.

Babysitting Baby Grace--you spent more time in the pack 'n' play than she did, by choice!

Grandma, Papa Stan and Tessa are here for a week! Today we went with them to visit your great-grandparents. As always, you ran around crazy-dancing to the player piano music, this time adding some somersaults into the mix. Oh, the static electricity!

Tonight we threw Grandma a sewing/button-themed little family party. You loved helping make the cupcakes, giving her sewing-related gifts, reorganizing (and re-reorganizing) the button collection we gave her, and helping her blow out the candles. What a fun day!


Well, mommy needs some sleep! Love you!

P.S. Also, you had your first dentist appointment yesterday. You freaked out at the electric polisher and suction thingies, but otherwise you were okay. And, they said your teeth are perfect! Yay!

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