Saturday, May 28, 2011

Busy week, two birthdays

Looking up at Grandma adoringly

Dear Maya,

This has been quite a busy week and the weekend will be, too, so mommy's going to make this a short post.

For the last three days we have been running around a lot.  On Wednesday, mommy helped with preparation for the town's annual charity pig roast by designing signs and cutting tickets, etc.  You were very well-behaved and loved our previous landlady's big sheepdog, Nutmeg, even when she gave you big wet kisses.

Look what you managed the other day--holding your own bottle!

On Thursday after daddy got home from work we went to get his tire fixed (you were so good and smiley at the repair shop!) and did some shopping and errands.  Then yesterday, we went to visit daddy at work at the flower nursery.  We brought muffins and lemon curd to thank them for their support and for gifts they've given you.

We can tell you want to crawl, you just haven't figured out how to coordinate your arms and legs yet.

This weekend daddy finally has more than a day off, and you will be spending a lot of it with him.  Mommy is going to help out with pig roast preparations again today and the event itself is tomorrow.  Then we are going to spend Memorial Day with family.  The weather should be sunny so we're looking forward to being outside!

Warmer weather means thinner pajamas--mommy was so excited to pull these cuties out!

One more thing before mommy signs off.  This week two important people in our lives had birthdays.  We sent these photos framed as part of their gifts and they have both told me they're already displaying them proudly:

Happy birthday, Grandpa!

Happy birthday, Great-grandma!

Love you, Maya!

Friday, May 20, 2011

24 hours with Maya

Dear Maya,

Lately life with you has somewhat settled down into a sort-of routine.  There are fluctuations, of course--you are only 4.5 months old after all.  There are also improvements to this schedule that mommy and daddy are working on.  For the most part, however, this is how your days look:

You wake up at this time more often than not.  Even if you sleep until 6 or later, mommy gets up so she can make coffee and pump--the two most important things at that time of the morning!

With your new seahorse toy from Grandma--looks like you're trying to rescue it from drowning :)

After feeding you and getting daddy's breakfast ready, mommy jumps into the shower while you spend a little time with daddy.  He then gets ready and is out the door at 7:15 to go to work.

This is our time to play on the floor, cuddle, pet the cat, etc.  Oh, and did I mention you always want to eat at least twice within 3 hours of waking up in the morning?  Hungry baby...

See the whole progression of this funny interaction in the photo album on the right titled "May 13-20"

8:00 or 8:30am
You take your first nap of the day.  This has become so much easier: we say goodbye to the world outside and shut the curtains, we read a book, mommy sings, you eat and you go to sleep.

10:00 or 10:30am
You wake up and mommy finishes her chores, especially noisy ones like vacuuming which you seem to like.  Then, weather permitting, we go for a walk around the property and visit the chickens.

12:00 or 12:30pm
Mommy counts two hours from the time you wake up from your first nap as a guide to put you down for your second nap, otherwise you get pretty cranky pretty quickly.  We do the same pre-nap routine.

2:00 or 2:30pm
You wake up and mommy changes you so we can get out the door quickly.  We usually go to the post office and see your aunts get off the school bus.  Some days we go for walks or go visit family or friends.

We go home around this time so mommy can finish making dinner.  You often start getting cranky in the late afternoon, but you usually have a smile for daddy when he gets home from work at about 5:15 or so.

Daddy offers to do the dishes but mommy always turns him down so he can play with you instead.  It makes him happy, you happy, and mommy ridiculously happy listening to you giggle and daddy fuss over you.

6:45 or 7:00pm
Bath time!  Except for our North Carolina trip and a few times mommy bathed you early when you really needed it, mommy and daddy have always given you a bath together.  You're starting to love baths lately.

7:15 or 7:30pm
Just like your naps earlier, we say good night to the world, close the curtains and read some books.  You eat and mommy sings to you and rocks you.  When your eyelids start to droop, mommy puts you in your bed.

You've been working on your fish face lately, or as mommy refers to it, your sea turtle face!

7:30pm to 5:30am
Now that we've been sleep training you for a couple of weeks, things are getting easier even though they're not perfect.  You often wake up and fuss at around 10:00pm and around 4:00am but usually not for long.

Last night, however, was the worst night crying jag you've had in ages.  You cried from 12:30 to 1:30am.  You've had some gas and bowel issues lately so mommy and daddy checked your diaper, making it worse.

It's hard to photograph how curled up and twisted around you are when you sleep, but trust us--it's crazy.

Even when you are sleeping soundly, lately it's a bit hard for mommy and daddy to relax.  We worry because your sleeping positions are getting weirder and weirder, i.e. with your behind raised and your face buried.

But you seem to be sleeping more deeply lately so I guess you feel most at ease in these weird positions.  Mommy and daddy won't stop checking on you anytime soon, but I suppose you'll be alright.  Sigh...

Love you!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mommy's first Mothers' Day

Dear Maya,

It's been another full and beautiful week with you, the highlight of which was probably Mother's Day.  I was so proud to be celebrating my first as your mommy.

 I dressed you in white with pink tights...

 We snuggled and took some photos in the mirror...

Then daddy took some photos of us in front of the gorgeous cherry trees along the driveway...

Aren't they beautiful?

How appropriate is this juxtaposition of Japanese cherry against American farmland?

Daddy bought mommy some tulips (and a CD case)...

Mommy made Cabernet cupcakes with Cabernet berry cream cheese frosting for her mom...

And we went to Grandma's house to spend some quality Mothers' Day time with her...

I love this picture of Grandma watching mommy mother you on Mothers' Day!

In other news, thanks to the book Healthy Sleep Habits, Healthy Child by Dr. Weissbluth, and some persistence on mommy and daddy's part, you were relatively sleep trained in only three nights!  Last Friday and Saturday nights were a little stressful, but you rewarded mommy with almost 11 straight hours of uninterrupted sleep on Mothers' Day night!

The day after, mommy took you to the pediatrician for your 4-month checkup.  You weighed in at 16 pounds, 3 ounces and measured 26.5 inches long.  You got some pretty sparkly band aids after your shots, too.

Also, you're turning over all the time, unassisted, and doing this airplane move a lot now, too.

I'm going to finish this week's post with two pictures of you that made mommy laugh out loud:

So funny, so cute!
Love you!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Keeping up with Maya

Dear Maya,

You're growing, learning and changing so quickly these days, it's hard to keep up.  Mommy feels like she's running from morning 'til night and you're not even really crawling yet.  What will happen when you do start moving around on your own?  Mommy's going to have to buy roller skates!

You've really started to show us your likes and dislikes.  You stop talking or fussing if you catch sight of the kitty and your eyes follow her until she leaves the room again.  Clio has started to take more of an interest in you, too, and even seems to like it when you pet her (i.e. pull her fur).

You also like chewing on teethers, though I don't think you're actually teething yet.  The feel of the frozen ring really pleased you the other day when the temperatures rose, but your most favorite part of that day was spending most of it naked except for your diaper.  You loved it!

You also love going outside, and even had your first experience sitting on the lawn the other day. Mommy wanted to take your picture amongst all the wild violets in the grass.  It's a good thing she did it then, because a man came and mowed them away the next day.

One thing you don't like is sleeping, it seems.  It has been getting harder and harder to get you to have decent naps during the day.  I can see how you would want to stay up and admire the view from the window next to you, but still...

Alas, the nights have been even worse.  Last night you woke up at least once every hour between midnight and 6 or 7am, hollering for us to get up and pay attention to you or feed you.  Mommy's researching some sleep training methods that we'll be trying soon.  Be forewarned!

This is what we want to see more often!
Love you!