Friday, October 26, 2012

Fall full of fun

Dear Maya,

So it's been over a week since mommy blogged last, but that's because we've been busy drinking up all the best that autumn has to offer! Pumpkins and parties and cupcakes and costumes and lots and lots of fallen leaves...this post is probably going to be pretty long and very picture-heavy so enjoy it!

Last Thursday the weekend's beautiful forecast kicked in early and our drive to and from grocery shopping gave us a gorgeous view of the fall foliage. When we got home daddy hit the kitchen to make his weekly homemade pizza and told you and mommy to go have some fun at the park while it was still light out.

On Saturday we went to Auntie Rhi's wildly successful 'Haunted Library' night. We arrived early to help set up but everything was pretty much all done. You were really afraid of going anywhere near the dark, smoky, 'haunted' side of the library, but after studying Auntie Rhi in her scary costume for a minute you weren't afraid of her at all. During the event you played the ping pong ball throw game, spun on a swivel chair, ate lots of goodies, and were really very well behaved. You even tried to help everyone clean up afterwards.

On Sunday we enjoyed the day at Merwin Farm. We went on a hay ride around the fields and you helped daddy pick out pumpkins for our house, including a cute small one for you. There were friends and animals to play with and all kinds of yummy snacks to eat, adding up to a great day in your book I'm sure.

Later in the afternoon you had fun riding around on tractors with your buddy Wyatt. He stopped frequently to 'fix' his tires and you just watched him and followed. Our generous friends Charlotte and Steve (and Wyatt) even let you take home this little green ride-on tractor toy you seemed to love so much.

A little birdy told mommy that when we're not around, Wyatt says you are his girlfriend. I'm not sure what you think, but he's given you a couple hugs and kisses before and you didn't seem to mind. This time mommy finally got her camera ready quickly enough to capture you two. How is this for cute?

Well, today is Uncle Matt's birthday so mommy has to go get some things ready. There may be a crazy wintry storm headed our way next week (in October again? really?) but we're still planning to squeeze a lot more fun out of fall. If snow is in store, though, I'm sure you'll enjoy that, too. Love you!

P.S. Your new skills include drawing circles (kind of), jumping (sort of) and playing pretend (feeding us imaginary food from your tricycle basket).
P.P.S. Your new words include: go, circle, tickle, stinky, messy, and "eww!" And when we tried to get you to say 'cucumber' last week you said 'nerd-burger' instead. Hahahahaha!

Monday, October 15, 2012

What has eight legs?

Dear Maya,

It's been quite busy around here and you've been great at rolling with the punches.

Since pictures of you have gained mommy some fans, I've started doing some family photography work. All of the sudden I've had lots of shoots scheduled in a very short time span. Mommy's been trying not to let it get in the way of my time with you but you seem to be really enjoying your time alone with daddy.

You LOVE it when daddy cleans your ears with this Japanese ear cleaning stick.
It's a great way to get you to calm down when you get too rambunctious! 

Over the weekend Grandma, Poppa Stan and Bobbie came to visit. On Saturday we went to mommy's cousin's wedding and you and daddy stayed home and had a great time.You practiced your two favorite things at the moment: coloring and riding the new tricycle that Grandma and Poppa Stan bought you.

Mommy went to a children's consignment sale last weekend and picked up this Yankees outfit for next to nothing!
I knew your great-grandparents for one would love it, and you wearing it the other day brought them luck!

Your vocabulary is growing by the day. While Grandma and Poppa Stan were here you said "Tessa" (the name of their dog). You've also given us good versions of words like "cracker" and "flower." But no one can deny that your best word at the moment, in terms of difficulty, pronunciation, and randomness, is "octopus!"

Clio climbed in this empty box by herself, but then you gave her 'offerings' of
socks, shoes, sunglasses, a bird toy, then topped it off with a pillow. Poor Clio!

Well, mommy is going to sign off now and get some things done while you're napping. Love you!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Autumn is upon us

Dear Maya,

The signs of the season are suddenly everywhere. The temperatures are dropping. The leaves are changing and falling. We've been eating squash, wild mushroom and lots and lots of apples. You now ask for them by name and make sure to say "ap-puhl" in your cutest little voice whenever one enters your line of vision.

Yesterday we went for a little walk outside in these corduroy overalls. They were Auntie Rhi's when she was little and they were the first baby item we got when you were in mommy's belly. I'm so glad they finally fit you! While we were outside you met your first wooly bear caterpillar and only tried to poke him a little.

Speaking of being (sort of) kind to animals, you are finally starting to endear yourself to Clio. You haven't been chasing after her screaming lately--you've been gently petting her and she's almost learned to enjoy it. It's so cute when you bring her presents in the form of Cheerios, sippy cups, and even your books!

Earlier this week you had a play date with Wyatt and Emma where you painted pumpkins. The two of them spent about five minutes at the table before leaving to go play with their toys. But you, my little perfectionist, sat there for at least a half hour covering every.single.inch of your pumpkin.Your daddy was so proud!

Today mommy took you for a walk along the Rail Trail to see the changing colors. Of course you were much more interested in sticks than falling leaves. And when it started to rain on our way back to the car, you wanted to stop and try to catch the raindrops. It was cute, but also cold!


Well, mommy needs to get some sleep. Looking forward to the rest of this beautiful fall with you. Love you!

P.S. Some of the new words you've tried to say this week: cucumber, avocado, bowl, onion (food is obviously a big motivator for you), and you were finally getting closer to calling your father 'toh-chan' by saying 'toh-toh' tonight. Keep trying!