Monday, October 15, 2012

What has eight legs?

Dear Maya,

It's been quite busy around here and you've been great at rolling with the punches.

Since pictures of you have gained mommy some fans, I've started doing some family photography work. All of the sudden I've had lots of shoots scheduled in a very short time span. Mommy's been trying not to let it get in the way of my time with you but you seem to be really enjoying your time alone with daddy.

You LOVE it when daddy cleans your ears with this Japanese ear cleaning stick.
It's a great way to get you to calm down when you get too rambunctious! 

Over the weekend Grandma, Poppa Stan and Bobbie came to visit. On Saturday we went to mommy's cousin's wedding and you and daddy stayed home and had a great time.You practiced your two favorite things at the moment: coloring and riding the new tricycle that Grandma and Poppa Stan bought you.

Mommy went to a children's consignment sale last weekend and picked up this Yankees outfit for next to nothing!
I knew your great-grandparents for one would love it, and you wearing it the other day brought them luck!

Your vocabulary is growing by the day. While Grandma and Poppa Stan were here you said "Tessa" (the name of their dog). You've also given us good versions of words like "cracker" and "flower." But no one can deny that your best word at the moment, in terms of difficulty, pronunciation, and randomness, is "octopus!"

Clio climbed in this empty box by herself, but then you gave her 'offerings' of
socks, shoes, sunglasses, a bird toy, then topped it off with a pillow. Poor Clio!

Well, mommy is going to sign off now and get some things done while you're napping. Love you!

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