Friday, May 29, 2015

Pomp and circumstance, hi!

Dear Maya and Emi,

Has it been only about a week since mommy posted last? It feels like it's been ages! Every day has been so very, very full--thankfully there have been many fun, pleasant things as opposed to all the hectic, worrisome things in the weeks before!

Bobbie came to visit us on Saturday. We celebrated her graduation with photos, grandma's Italian cooking, and s'more-flavored cupcakes. Later in the day when she left, Grandma and Papa Stan left, too. Mommy thought you'd have a meltdown soon after, Maya, but you were great. Even when we walked to the park on Sunday you were so happy to push the stroller and you listened well. Little did we know that the meltdown would happen on Memorial Day Monday instead!

Little Emi, you've been such a sweetie despite your new tooth and your occasionally interrupted naptimes of late. Your new trick is saying "hi" just about every time someone catches your eye. Yesterday you even held the phone up to mommy's ear and said "hi!" It was the cutest thing ever!

Well, mommy's got to go do some photo editing. Love you both!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

So much family love!

Dear Maya and Emi,

To say the last two weeks have been a whirlwind would be an understatement. Mommy missed blogging last week not because of a lack of news to report, but because I was so overwhelmed by everything going on that I couldn't make sense of it all. Thankfully, things have really improved.

It all started the weekend of Mother's Day. We went for a nice drive and stopped at a park with sandwiches the night before to enjoy the beautiful, warm weather. Then on the actual day, we went to visit your great-grandparents because your great-grandfather was going to the hospital the next day for a quick procedure. The procedure ended up being halted and a major surgery was scheduled instead. The entire family was so very worried but he made it through with flying colors. Whew!

these 3 photos by daddy

During this ordeal we were so lucky that Grandpa and Lori happened to be visiting us. Mommy was able to go to the hospital once on my own and once with you, Emi (you were SO well-behaved there) while you, Maya, played and played and played with them. You both had a blast with them.

photo by Grandpa
photo by Lori

As soon as they left Grandma and Papa Stan came to stay with us. They were here for Aunt Bobbie's graduation and will be here until this coming weekend. We went together yesterday to visit your great-grandparents and were relieved to see your great-grandfather looking like nothing changed, like he hadn't had surgery at all. Unbelievable. Also amazing was the sweet little thing you said as we were leaving their house, Maya. "I hope you feel better soon, Poppy." You melted our hearts.

In the midst of all the family stuff, there were also errands and appointments, but also some fun things. We went to a birthday party for two sweet girls over the weekend. It was a hot day so Maya, you played in water with the other kids until you were soaked to the skin. We all had a lot of fun.

Also, Emi, you turned 10 months old the other day. You will start walking soon, no doubt, but for now you're just content cruising, standing for long periods of time, and dancing while holding on to furniture. You also love eating, so much so that you yell and grunt when you run out of food. Cutie!


Well, mommy is going to get some peaceful sleep! Love you both!

photo by Grandpa

Thursday, May 7, 2015

The preschooler, the waver

Dear Maya and Emi,

Just a quick post this week as mommy has a very long to-do list.

Maya, this week you've still held on to some of the moodiness of the last couple weeks here and there, but you've made some great strides, too. We went in for Pre-K screening on Monday and you didn't bat an eyelash when mommy left the room to fill out paperwork while you went through different screening stations with the teachers. We are all so proud of you! You've also been helping out this week in new ways like taking out the recycling and drying dishes. Hooray!

Emi, the other day we went to the library story hour for the first time in a long while. When a little girl went home with her mother, you waved goodbye and have pretty much been waving constantly ever since! You wave at us, at your food, at your reflection--anything! It's pretty adorable.

Well, mommy is going to see how much more I can get done during this naptime. Love you both!