Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Poppies, lilacs and spit?!?

Dear Maya,

As I type this you are either dancing around your room, jumping on your bed, asking to go to the bathroom for the umpteenth time, pulling things off shelves, painting on the window with your own saliva (gross), or doing something else to avoid sleep. It's been like that around here lately.

Pics above and below by Auntie Rhi

Mommy and daddy were getting kind of burnt out and decided to use some credit card rewards on a night away over the weekend. Uncle Matt and Aunt Rhi took very good care of you while we were gone and you were pretty sweet when we got home, but your shenanigans are back tonight. Sigh...

Last week we went to the park one day with your best buddy Wyatt. The two of you spent very little time on the actual playground and most of the time climbing trees, chasing butterflies (and each other) and eating snacks. You guys really are so cute together.

Other than running errands and lots of time spent outside in the sandbox, playing with the hose, and picking flowers, there's not much new to report. As you are so kind as to remind me several times a day while looking at my belly, "the baby's getting bigger" and that means mommy has less energy to play like you want me to. That may be why you're being a bit of a stinker lately, but we have confidence that you will grow to be a good big sister when the time comes. Less than two months now...

We love you, sweetie. Don't you forget it!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Lobster, Family and Fun!

Dear Maya,

Just a quick post tonight . This morning Grandpa and Lori left after a few days visiting us. We had an early birthday celebration for Grandpa including sparkly card and owl by you, maple bacon rum cupcakes by mommy and tons of lobster provided by Grandpa and Lori. What a feast!


Yesterday we went to see Grandpa's Aunt Carol. Can you believe she's going to be 97 years old later this year? We had a nice visit although you were a wiggle worm the whole time. That didn't phase Aunt Carol at all, though. She is pretty feisty herself!

Well, mommy's going to rest now. Love you!

P.S. You've been drawing some really cool pictures lately. Whenever we ask what they are, even if they look very much like a flower or a person, you say they aren't. Aunt Rhi taught you the phrase "abstract art" so that's how you've taken to answering. Awesome!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Sweet little dandelion girl

Dear Maya,

We've had some trying times over the last week, but in the last couple of days your sweetness is winning out (so mommy decided to write this post now while the gettin's good--ha ha!). You've been testing boundaries about rules and listening to what you're told, but on the other hand you've been really loving, too. Mommy's absolute favorite is the new phrase you say before giving me great big hugs the last two mornings--"Mommy, I want you so much!" Swoon!

Mommy's energy level varies from day to day, hour to hour and even minute to minute as my belly gets rounder. I've tried to keep you busy but sometimes it just isn't possible. We did go to the park last week and to the library this morning, but most days we just hang out on our deck with your new sandbox and bubbles.

Mother's Day on Sunday was mostly a lovely day. Daddy had to do some work in the morning, but in the meantime you and mommy went for a walk and you picked flowers for me. Later we went out for a nice lunch and then did some shopping. It was so adorable to watch you cooing over baby clothes at the store while mommy was picking out a coming-home outfit for your new sister. Unfortunately you were not well behaved when we went to get groceries, but stopping for ice cream turned your mood around.

Mommy is so proud of how quickly you're picking up on the alphabet. You can write more than half your letters and have their sounds memorized, too. When we tell you which letters to write, you can make awesome cards for family and friends, now, like this beautiful Mother's Day collage daddy helped you with.


Well, mommy needs some rest. Love you!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Big Caterpillar, Little Kids

Dear Maya,

So, mommy missed another blog post last week. Between preparing for and volunteering at a children's consignment sale to sell your outgrown clothes and toys, going to the library story hour, various errands and appointments, and a birthday party and Christening over the weekend, we've been busy. Oh, and there's also the fact that mommy's feeling very round and very tired lately. We're just about two and a half months away from meeting your baby sister and mommy's feeling more ready every day!

Some pics and anecdotes from the last couple weeks:

  • We are loving your awesome artwork lately, like this drawing of a caterpillar and you (the adorable little mushroom girl in the corner).

  • We visited Nanny and Poppy with Baby Grace on the day of her first birthday. You weren't big on sharing them or the toys they keep around!

  • Saturday was Grace's first birthday party. There weren't many pictures of you because you were too busy running around with her bigger cousins and getting into trouble!

  • We went to a Christening party for mommy's cousin's baby, Zachary. You were only mildly impressed by him, but much more interested in dancing, eating yummy food, and testing out the bounce house in their neighbor's yard. When it was time for pics of all the kids, you were pretty good for a change. :)

Well, mommy needs her rest. Love you!