Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Big Caterpillar, Little Kids

Dear Maya,

So, mommy missed another blog post last week. Between preparing for and volunteering at a children's consignment sale to sell your outgrown clothes and toys, going to the library story hour, various errands and appointments, and a birthday party and Christening over the weekend, we've been busy. Oh, and there's also the fact that mommy's feeling very round and very tired lately. We're just about two and a half months away from meeting your baby sister and mommy's feeling more ready every day!

Some pics and anecdotes from the last couple weeks:

  • We are loving your awesome artwork lately, like this drawing of a caterpillar and you (the adorable little mushroom girl in the corner).

  • We visited Nanny and Poppy with Baby Grace on the day of her first birthday. You weren't big on sharing them or the toys they keep around!

  • Saturday was Grace's first birthday party. There weren't many pictures of you because you were too busy running around with her bigger cousins and getting into trouble!

  • We went to a Christening party for mommy's cousin's baby, Zachary. You were only mildly impressed by him, but much more interested in dancing, eating yummy food, and testing out the bounce house in their neighbor's yard. When it was time for pics of all the kids, you were pretty good for a change. :)

Well, mommy needs her rest. Love you!

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