Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Cousin time, City time

Dear Maya and Emi,

The days and weeks are flyyyyyiiing by lately! Between school and work and errands and dance class and practicing spelling and reading and so much else, it's hard to find time to sit down, much less go through my photos and thoughts to put them down. But here mommy is, the night before Thanksgiving, taking some well-earned down time to catch up before the holidays start in earnest tomorrow. So here it goes:

You guys love your cousins! Between William's birthday party, a silly few hours hanging out at Grandma's house today, and some family holiday photos we took a couple weeks ago, you two have spent lots of time with your cousins lately. They are so cute and you guys play so well together!


Speaking of those holiday photos, here are some cute and funny ones of you guys:

Maya, we took to New York City the other day to renew your Japanese passport. We zipped around the few major sights we could see in the short time we were there and you had such a great time. We enjoyed spending quality time with you, too!


And finally, here are three photos documenting how big you're getting, Maya: a side-by-side comparison of your old and new passport pictures, your 1st grade school photo, and one showing your second lost tooth. You're so grown up!

Time for mommy to get some rest. I love you both!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

We are crazy cats

Dear Maya & Emi,

Well, it looks like blogging is about a once-a-month thing for mommy now. Especially during the fall, mommy's business has become a full-time job so that's about as often as I can manage. I won't give up blogging, though, at least until you guys ask me to. Looking back on old entries is a joy for me, your dad, and probably lots of other family members and friends in the U.S., Japan, and elsewhere! And as of now, you guys like looking back at it, too.

October has been a really busy month, but with lots of fun things going on. Here are some moments:

How Emi dresses for the bus stop sometimes

Emi helping with kale chips

The tooth fairy made her first trip to our house!!! Maya was thrilled with her $1 reward. 

  • Maya you've been doing lots of studying and you're reading so much better. Emi, you've been following along more and more in your dance class. You've both been drawing so much lately and I love your artwork!

Maya crawling around with Clio

Emi's cat  

Maya's book report project with a matching character pumpkin!

  •  And speaking of decorating pumpkins, we went a little crazy with ours this year: 

Maya's Native American pumpkin

Maya's princess pumpkin

Emi's Muppet-looking pumpkin

Emi says this is a pigeon (!!!)

Mommy's glam fall pumpkin
And, of course, today was Halloween!! Maya you decided months ago that you wanted to be a cat, then you convinced Emi that she wanted to be a mouse. The other day, mommy decided to be a cat lady since it was a super easy costume. Mommy, Emi, and grandma went to the school for your parade, Maya, then we went to visit various family members on the way to a couple parties and trick-or-treating. It was a full, fun day and Emi, your ensuing meltdown tonight was pretty epic, too!

Well, it's time for mommy to do some work and get some rest. Love you both!