Thursday, July 20, 2017

Butterflies, botanicals, and pirates

Dear Maya & Emi,

I'm back for the second day in a row! Granted yesterday's post was a tribute to you and your birthday, Emi, but since I haven't been keeping up with how our summer is going, I'm going to break it down in a post today. Hopefully I'll be back with a post next week about the upcoming birthday party.

So here's what we've been doing for the most part this summer:

Emi--eat, look at books, play, watch your tablet, run around, nap, fight with your sister, sleep, repeat

Maya--eat, read, play, go to your summer recreation program (and while you're there go in the stream, catch crayfish, play on the playground, play sports, learn about nature, grow strong and tan and social), come home from summer rec exhausted and dirty, fight with your sister, take a bath, do some chores, watch your tablet, sleep, repeat

Mama--get up early, make lunches, read the Hobbit to you, drive you around, cook and clean, split up your fights, bathe you, put you to bed, and try to fit my busy full-time at-home job around it all, even if it means not sleeping enough, repeat (oh, and I turned 40 in there somewhere!)

Baba--get up early, feed you guys breakfast, work really really hard all day, come home and help mommy with all of the above, sometimes taking over completely so I can go to photo shoots or appointments in the evening, repeat

The first week of summer vacation, before your summer rec program started Maya, we did a few really fun road trips and I have some great photos to show for it. The first was to a butterfly conservatory that is about an hour and a half away (longer with all the construction, though). It was pretty amazing how many different species and colors of butterflies and moths are just flying around you there. It was hard keeping you guys from grabbing at them but fun when they landed on you!

We also went to the botanical gardens that are only a half hour away. They happened to be having an exhibit of play houses created by several different artists. The two of you enjoyed the castle fort the best, hands down. Emi, you thought it was a pirate ship and broke out tons of pirate slang I didn't even know you knew! And you kept raising your sword in the air and challenging your sister to fight--I did tell you to calm down but I had to take pictures first because it was absolutely hysterical!


We were going to go on more road trips that week but Emi, your 6-7 trips to the bathroom during the 2.5 hours we were at the botanical gardens made me rethink it. I decided that these two day trips plus the library and playing outside were plenty.

Well, mommy has to go get dinner ready and get the guest room ready for Grandpa's visit! Love you both!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Miss Emi is THREE!

Dear Emi,

I know I'm behind on blogging about our summer, but today I have a special post just for you. Happy 3rd birthday! I'm going to do our annual list of your favorites and recent quirks and adorableness. I had to try harder than expected to find photos for each month. Must remedy that in the coming year!

Favorite toy:   this changes all the time
Favorite game:   you like to play Dr. Panda games on your tablet
Favorite thing to do inside:   dress up like a princess
Favorite thing to do outside:   follow your sister around and do everything she does
Favorite place to go:   Grandma and Papa Stan's house
Favorite book:   Barney's Rainbow, What Do You See? Eric Carle book
Favorite TV show:   Doc McStuffins, Umizoomi, Daniel Tiger, The Backyardigans
Favorite movie:   The Secret Life of Pets, Trolls, Zootopia (you call it Opitopia)
Favorite song:   You make up songs all day long, but you like "You are my sunshine"
Favorite animal:   dogs, cats, pandas, everything
Favorite breakfast:   pancakes (you call them patty cakes!)
Favorite lunch:   "jelly bagel"
Favorite dinner:   most anything!
Favorite fruit:   bananas or watermelon
Favorite vegetable:   cucumbers or corn on the cob
Favorite drink:   apple juice or banana smoothies
Best friend:   Maya (or mama)
Biggest fear:   you're not crazy about strong winds but no real fears
When you grow up you want to be: an astronaut, at least that's what you were saying for a while
Things you take to bed:   a pillow that Grandma made, and several stuffed animals including a few pandas, a mouse, a bunny, two bears, etc.

And this isn't included in the interview, but one of the cutest things you say lately is an unprompted "I'm so glad you're here" to those you love. Emi, we're so glad you're here, too. We love you so much!

Friday, June 23, 2017

Moo Moving on up!

Dear Maya & Emi,

It feels like we've been on a rollercoaster for the last few weeks and suddenly, at 11:30 this morning, we suddenly jumped off when you came home from your last day of kindergarten, Maya! Here it is in order of all that's happened:

  • Maya, mommy accompanied you on your class field trip to a dairy farm! You enjoyed feeding the cows and their cute little blind pet sheep, Booboo. Mommy enjoyed watching you interact with the animals and your friends. It was a fun time!

  • As soon as we got home from your field trip we headed to help Grandma and Papa Stan unpack their belongings at their new house! It's only about 10 minutes away and it's so comfy and fun for you both to explore. You're already asking to go over as much as possible!
  • The next day we had to put Clio to sleep. Emi, you went to hang out with your cousins while Maya and I took her. Maya, you were unbelievably strong and sweet as you said your goodbyes to our kitty. We buried her in the backyard at Grandma's house and honored her with peonies (a few bloomed just in time!), a ring of pine cones that you two collected, and a little incense from Japan. We miss her but it comforts us all to be able to visit her little grave.
  • This past weekend was Father's Day! We were really busy but we did give 'baba' lots of love and attention. Maya, you kept on making and finding more gifts for him on top of the cool art kit and shorts you bought him and the card and picture frame from school. It was really sweet!

  • Yesterday was your kindergarten moving up ceremony, Maya! Grandma, Emi and mommy attended. After a slideshow and a few songs from all the students in the auditorium, we went to your classroom for snacks and to hang out for a bit. Emi, your big sister took such great care of you, getting extra snacks and making sure you had everything you needed. Maya, you (and mommy) will miss your awesome teacher Ms. Eckhart, but I know you'll do well in 1st grade!

  • And finally, today was your last day of school! 

Mommy has some fun things planned for our summer and I can't wait to surprise you. Love you both!