Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Summer ends, school begins

Dear Maya and Emi,

The last few weeks of summer vacation flew right by and it feels weird that school started up today. Here's what we've been up to:

  • The Dutchess County Fair! 

Didn't see anyone else tailgating with sushi, haha!!

Emi identified lots of animals, even a (stuffed) coyote!

Maya's tan means she can totally pass as a brown bunny!

Maya loves the hamster water wheel

Emi skipped the roller coaster...

but Maya was ALL SMILES in the front seat!

We all enjoyed the carousel

And Maya has no fear of heights

A sparkly pink cat, of course

And Emi calmly squinted her way through some butterflies

So cute!!!

  • We visited Nanny and Poppy after the fair (and took Nanny some fried dough!)

  • Mommy promised a snow cone at this shop before summer ended but they were all out so we got (really good) ice cream instead!

  • Maya, you stayed overnight with Grandma and Papa Stan and they took you back-to-school shopping. You were so happy to have them all to yourself!

    Waiting (sort of) patiently for Grandma to pick her up with her backpack, tablet, and car seat 
  • Lots of fun, sweets, and silliness with Emi, too

    She carried this 'coffee' around for a couple days!

  • And, finally, today you started 1st grade, Maya! I haven't heard too many details about your day but you said you love your teacher and have a few friends in your class so all is good!  

Cactus dress!!

Always snapping that backpack clasp!

Gorgeous kid courtesy of us, haircut save courtesy of Grandma

The initials and star embroidery are glow-in-the-dark!

Cute sneakers with pom poms--thanks Grandma and Papa Stan!

A special necklace she chose in North Caroline with Grandpa and Lori

Well, mommy is going to get some rest. Uncle Matt and Aunt Rhi are moving this week (just one town over but we will miss them!) and all the packing and cleaning has my allergies in an uproar, plus I think I've caught a bit of a cold as well. Hopefully the two of you stay healthy!
Love you both!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Summer recreation, trips, etc.

Dear Maya and Emi,

Yikes! It's been a month since mommy's last post. That makes total sense, though, because as much as people like to put the words 'summer' and 'vacation' together, we all know that it's a much busier season than the rest for a lot of reasons. But here's what your summer has looked like.

Emi--I'm glad that you had a good June and July because your August has been a bit dull. You've been home with mommy most of the time, playing inside more than outside because mommy has had so much work to do. You've been coloring, crafting, playing with ponies, magnets, and sushi toys a lot. When we do go outside it's all about bubbles, balls, and badminton. And when your sister is home there are sooooo many sibling struggles, but also some funny and sweet moments, too.

Maya--You had such a great time at your summer rec program!! You spent almost every day in the stream, digging clay, catching snails and crayfish, chasing butterflies, and playing with your friends. Although there were a few other kids in your grade, your favorite person to hang out with was a 12-year-old girl. You had field trips to a trampoline park, a mini golf place, a trampoline place, a baseball game, the library, and a waterfall. What a great experience it all was!

(these photos taken by camp counselors!)

Just after the rec program ended, Maya, you went to North Carolina to spend a week with Grandpa and Lori!! You adventured and explored, finding lots of shells and bits of nature. You ate lots of Asian food. You went to a Tony Bennett concert with Grandpa. And you tired them out, I'm sure!

(these photos courtesy of Grandpa and Lori)

Mommy drove down to Maryland to meet Grandpa and Lori when it was time for you to come home, Maya, but we spent a night with our friends Rebecca, Tony, and Nora. You and Nora are quite the pair, playing and squabbling like sisters even though you've only spent a small amount of time together before. It's pretty adorable, really. On Monday we went with them to a nature center and park to view the solar eclipse, then got some froyo before heading home.

(this photo by Rebecca)

And now we have a couple weeks 'til school starts, mommy has lots of work to do, and somehow I have to keep the two of you busy so you don't fight like cats and dogs. It's one of those 'one day at a time' kind of things, for sure!

Love you both!