Sunday, March 11, 2018

Our zoo, our monkeys

A huge thank you to grandparents in Japan for sending over these authentic ninja costumes for playing dress up!
Including tabi shoes! Halloween prep is now done and dusted!

Dear Maya and Emi,

It's been another long stretch between posts. February was a bit busier than most years in terms of meetings, appointments, etc. We also had the most roller coaster-like weather patterns I can remember, with t-shirt weather days proceeding huge nor'easters on several occasions!

Maya, you also had your mid-winter break from school. We had a few day trip ideas in mind but ended up doing a few other things instead that week. The first of these was a quick trip to a small local zoo on a beautiful warm day (though there were leftover snowbanks in the parking lot).

Later that afternoon, Maya, you agreed to do a fun princess photo shoot with mommy. I had a few locations in mind, but the one that we ended up at is a favorite of yours, too. It's a town where they used to produce a lot of iron, so there is colorful blue slag left allll around. To you, it's like treasure!

Then the very next day Grandma and Papa Stan picked you two up in the snow (see, I told you the weather was ridiculous) to spend the day with you AND keep you overnight. Both of you! What a wonderful treat for you guys AND for mommy and Baba! 

Other than that it's been a normal month of school, homework, reading, dance class, indoor play like games and crafts, and outdoor play in the snow or in the mud depending on the day. Oh, the occasional break to play with Snapchat is pretty funny, too.

Super happy to greet the dance teachers at the beginning of class!


You two argue a LOT lately (though strangely if you take a bath together you get along so well!) But you also make us laugh every day and we love you even when we're pulling our hair out! Parenthood in a nutshell! So, mommy's going to go take advantage of your being in bed now and rest.

Love you both!

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Dia Omi Ninjago Girls

Dear Maya and Emi,

Long time, no blog! While this blog used to be a way for mommy to clear her head every week it's getting harder to find the time anymore. Both because my business is growing and, of course, because the two of YOU are growing, life is moving faster so the posts are less frequent. I do love this record of our crazy, sweet little family so I hope I never give it up, and I do miss clearing my head on a more regular basis. Maybe it's time to put it on my calendar! Anyhow, here's how we spent January:

  • Clare came to visit! Mommy spent a day with Clare and her friend Kelli, then then next day I brought you and Baba along. We had brunch, checked out some shops, and then you guys rushed us through the huge art museum that is Dia: Beacon. Despite how you guys look in this photo, you were happy to see her, and so was mommy!

  • OMI. Speaking of art, we spent one rather warm Sunday at this outdoor sculpture garden you hadn't been to in a few years. It was the perfect way to beat the cabin fever we were feeling! Afterwards we stopped at Love Apple Farm for cookies and to visit with the animals. 

  • Crafting. Maya, you've learned to cross-stitch, you can fold origami butterflies, and you've drawn lots of cats plus all the characters from Ninjago; Emi, you create interesting drawings that combine objects and the people you love (i.e. Baba as the sun, Maya as a caterpillar)

  • Dancing and being silly. Emi, you're opening up in your dance class more and more. Sometimes you don't pay enough attention, but I'm glad you're having fun with your friends. And at home you're a riot! Your sense of humor sometimes even gets you out of trouble ;)

  •  Growing up too fast! It happens every weekend when I take the time to actually dry your hair after your baths. You both look so grown up!

Well, I hear that you're up from your nap, Emi, and Maya, you have a snow day today so I should probably suggest some more activities for you to do. Love you both and hope to blog again SOON!