Monday, January 1, 2018

Maya's 7th year recap

Dear Maya,

I just said the same thing in your other post today, but I can't believe you're 7. Seven!! Where did the time go? You're such a smart, insightful, interesting little person--not at all a little kid anymore. Mommy feels so proud but also sad about that. But also excited to see what's in store.

Today we did the interview we've done for the last few years (6th year, 5th year, 4th year, 3rd year) and here are your answers:

Favorite toy: Power Ranger
Favorite game: Shogi (after getting a set from your Japanese grandparents 30 minutes ago)
Favorite thing to do inside: play on my tablet (you asked if that counted as an answer!)
Favorite thing to do outside: play in the snow (if only we had temps that allowed us to!)
Favorite place to go: indoor trampoline park
Favorite book: Pete the Cat and the Cool Cat Boogie (which we just read 2 hours ago)
Favorite TV show: Odd Squad
Favorite movie: Odd Squad the movie
Favorite song: Skinnamarink (that surprised mommy!)
Favorite animal: cat
Favorite breakfast: oatmeal (which you haven't had in a while?)
Favorite lunch: school pizza
Favorite dinner: gyoza (fried dumplings that your baba makes!)
Favorite fruit: watermelon
Favorite vegetable: carrots
Favorite drink: lemonade
Best friend: Isabella
Biggest fear: monsters
When you grow up you want to be: a photographer
Things you take to bed: Beanie Boos (especially Kiki the cat) and any new stuffed animals

And here are some of my favorite photos of you from this year:












Well, mommy has written two blog posts today so it's time to sign off. Looking forward to another beautiful year with you, sweet girl. I love you!

Maya's Merry Morpho Party

Dear Maya,

This post is for you, my darling firstborn. You turned 7 the other day and I just can't wrap my head around it! You lost a fourth tooth the day before your birthday, you're reading and learning new words at breakneck speeds, and you're growing more sweet, sensitive, and introspective by the day. Sigh...

We celebrated your birthday in a few installments. In the few days before your birthday, you and your sister opened gifts from Japan and watched Japanese movies together. The night before your birthday, Matt, Rhi, and Rhi's mom came over for pizza and gifts and games.

We had a blue morpho butterfly party for you on the day of your birthday. It was snowing so not everyone could make it, but we had a nice, relaxing time with those who did. And you only had to share the butterfly coloring masks and antennae headbands with your sister!

You were a bit moody at the beginning of the party but you were yourself in time for the cake and presents, of course! You got some awesome gifts--cute craft stuff, great storage containers, a cool snowsuit, a handmade pillow, a necklace, a Nutcracker jewelry box, a butterfly habitat, and more!



The butterflies on Maya's cake were edible

Then the night of your birthday, you had a fun sleepover party with Grandpa and Lori (and Emi) while Mama and Baba got to have 24 hours worth of kid-free time. It was a great treat for everyone involved! Grandpa and Lori left this morning and school starts tomorrow, so you're having a bit of withdrawal. It's only natural to be sad that the holidays, the birthday, the visits, the gatherings and the gifts are over. But getting back into a routine again is going to be so good for all of us!

Well, mommy's going to go write another blog post--your year in review. Two in one day!
Love you!

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

2017 Holidays, Part 2

Dear Maya and Emi,

Christmas 2017 came and went in a flash! On Christmas Eve we went to Grandma and Papa Stan's house to exchange gifts and have a southern food feast with your aunts, uncles, and cousins. Add all the stuffed animals and remote control cars underfoot, and it was a houseful but so much fun!

A couple other things about Christmas Eve: Maya, you lost tooth #3 that day so both Santa and the Tooth Fairy came that night! Luckly the 4-5 inches of snow we got overnight didn't scare them away, and neither did Bridgette, who we were dogsitting at our house because of the weather!

Christmas morning you two were actually pretty patient, letting mommy and Baba sleep a little later than expected and even have coffee before going downstairs to see what Santa left for you. When we did, you found costumes, jewelry, stuffed animals, tickets, craft stuff, and lots more!

The snow slowed everything down, so instead of our usual Christmas breakfast at Nanny and Poppy's house, we went for lunch instead. Again you two had fun playing with your cousins, eating yummy food, and opening presents--this time from your great grandparents and great aunts and uncles.

Yesterday, the day after Christmas, we tested out the new sled that Aunt Kelsie and Uncle Shawn got for you guys. It was cold out, but it's going to be even colder for the next week or ten days so we didn't waste time!

Well, mommy is going to go get lunch ready and then head out to get the last few items to prepare for your 7th birthday party coming up this weekend, Maya. It's very likely that by then you'll have lost tooth #4, too. Please, stop growing up so quickly!

Love you both!