Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Bunnies, butterflies, bad flu!

Dear Maya & Emi,

I have a lot to share from the last month so I'll just get straight to it!

Maya, you had a concert at school and we all went to see you--even Grandma and Papa Stan. You did such a great job singing and doing the hand motions to "Baby Beluga," "What a Wonderful World," and a song about habitats. Emi, you were singing and dancing along in the audience, too!

A couple days later, Maya, you came home from school feeling sick. We took you to urgent care and it turns out you had the flu. The very next day mommy was scheduled for minor surgery, which I had to recover from with a touch of the flu myself. And then the worst part was that Emi, you got it so bad you had a seizure and had to go to the emergency room. Luckily you were better within a couple days and didn't have another one. Then, of course, Baba got sick to top it all off. Ugh!

After we were all feeling better, we had some fun times awaiting us, though. First you guys colored eggs and made sweet Easter treats at grandma's house on Good Friday. Then on Saturday you got dressed up and we brought a flower to Nanny and Poppy's house for a pre-Easter visit and feast.


On Easter morning, you woke up to some toys and crafts and new hats from the Easter Bunny, plus hidden eggs full of cookies and graham cracker bears. In the afternoon we went to Grandma and Papa Stan's house for a big meal with the whole family, plus a fun outdoor egg hunt. There were well over a hundred eggs for you two and Gracie and William to find, and Emi, you found the one big monster egg with a whole large bag of candy in it. We had such a fun day with our family.


The week after Easter was your spring break, Maya. Mommy had big plans of spending time outside every day but the weather was awful all week. Especially on Monday--we got a few inches of snow! Baba had that day off so we decided to go to the butterfly conservatory. This time you two were calmer than the last time we went, so more butterflies landed on you. Plus, you both got to hold a big, fat, walking stick bug as well. It was a fun day trip.

Spring break ended with a birthday party for one of your friends, Maya. And since the party was held at the indoor play place, mommy brought you along, too, Emi. I expected you to stick by my side or need my help, but you went off and out and up on your own without much of a glance in my direction. I was so proud of you, Emi, and excited to see you with your sweet friends, Maya. And this coming weekend is another party at the same place for another one of those friends. Yay!

 Well, mommy really needs to get some sleep now. Love you both!

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Our zoo, our monkeys

A huge thank you to grandparents in Japan for sending over these authentic ninja costumes for playing dress up!
Including tabi shoes! Halloween prep is now done and dusted!

Dear Maya and Emi,

It's been another long stretch between posts. February was a bit busier than most years in terms of meetings, appointments, etc. We also had the most roller coaster-like weather patterns I can remember, with t-shirt weather days proceeding huge nor'easters on several occasions!

Maya, you also had your mid-winter break from school. We had a few day trip ideas in mind but ended up doing a few other things instead that week. The first of these was a quick trip to a small local zoo on a beautiful warm day (though there were leftover snowbanks in the parking lot).

Later that afternoon, Maya, you agreed to do a fun princess photo shoot with mommy. I had a few locations in mind, but the one that we ended up at is a favorite of yours, too. It's a town where they used to produce a lot of iron, so there is colorful blue slag left allll around. To you, it's like treasure!

Then the very next day Grandma and Papa Stan picked you two up in the snow (see, I told you the weather was ridiculous) to spend the day with you AND keep you overnight. Both of you! What a wonderful treat for you guys AND for mommy and Baba! 

Other than that it's been a normal month of school, homework, reading, dance class, indoor play like games and crafts, and outdoor play in the snow or in the mud depending on the day. Oh, the occasional break to play with Snapchat is pretty funny, too.

Super happy to greet the dance teachers at the beginning of class!


You two argue a LOT lately (though strangely if you take a bath together you get along so well!) But you also make us laugh every day and we love you even when we're pulling our hair out! Parenthood in a nutshell! So, mommy's going to go take advantage of your being in bed now and rest.

Love you both!