Tuesday, January 26, 2016

No blizzard = park time

Dear Maya and Emi,

While much of the East Coast had a huge blizzard over the weekend that they're still recovering from, we didn't have any snow at all. We even made it to the park for a little chilly but necessary nap-inducing playtime. I'll share the pictures here while adding a few thoughts...

You two are growing and changing so much lately. Emi, you've added several more words and phrases just since mommy's post last week. When we say "one" you can add "two, three," you answer questions with "okay" or "yeah," and you pat us on the back when we're hurt or distressed. Aww...

Maya, you've been learning so much at school and impressing us with your new vocabulary and skills. Lately you've had lots of sudden outbursts of anger or frustration, probably a result of how much all this learning takes out of you. We're trying to be gentle with you, but sometimes we end up butting heads. And then tonight we go in to check on you and find you sleeping with your knees tucked under and butt in the air, just like when you were a baby. And we just want to scoop you up.

Next week we are leaving for Japan! Hopefully mommy can find the time and energy to blog from there, because there will be a lot of stories to tell for sure. In the meantime, mommy needs to start storing up some sleep. Love you both!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Eighteen months and snow

Dear Maya and Emi,

It's the tail end of a pretty low-key long weekend and we're hoping for a smooth week ahead. We've had our first couple of little bouts of snow and it's been kind of a nice change of pace, actually. If only it were a little bit warmer I think we would all stay outside in it a bit longer.

Emi crafting!
Unicorn Queen Maya dancing with Fox King Daddy--because she wanted to marry him! 
sorry for the blurry phone pictures but this was just so adorable!
Emi, today was your half birthday! Eighteen months old, going on eighteen years it feels like. You seem to be changing and growing at warp speed lately. Talking, dancing, climbing, playing, dressing up, getting into everything, changing settings on any electronic device you can get your hands on...the list goes on! I'm going to make a list here of some of the words you say now, though you will try to repeat pretty much anything we ask you to say. And your conversations with Maya? So cute!

Mama, Baba, Maya, Clio, Matt, Rhi, Nanny, Poppy, bye, up, down, yes, yeah, no, oh no, uh-oh, good girl, I love you, everybody (part of the clean up song which you try to sing), not nice (you told off daddy with that one for playfully teasing Maya!), cheese, juice, cookie, apple, banana, music, please, thank you, doggie, poopy, etc.
And in Japanese: mizu (water), douzo (here you go), choudai (please), sushi, etc.

Well, mommy's going to sign off and try to get a good night's sleep. Love you both!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Cold hike, cold photos

Dear Maya and Emi,

After a busy weekend of an indoor playland birthday party, visiting friends and family, and a bunch of shopping with you two, mommy is feeling pretty exhausted right now. I did want to write a post, though, to catch up on some photos I hadn't shared yet.

I'll start with this little hike we went on after Christmas. We had fun until we turned around to come back and the wind hit us hard. It was so cold and you wouldn't keep your blanket on, Emi, and ended up crying so much. Next time it's footie pajamas for you!


And speaking of freezing cold, we tried to do a photo shoot with Grandpa and Lori last weekend while they were up but goodness was it ever cold. According to mommy's camera time stamps we were only outside for 13 minutes before we couldn't take it anymore.

So the moral of the story is that this warm winter is spoiling us and we can't handle the cold when it comes! (And today it was 55 degrees, foggy, thunder and lightning, rainbows reported everywhere, and a gorgeous sunset--???) Okay, mommy is going to get some rest now. Love you both!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

A 'winter forest' birthday

Dear Maya and Emi,

Today we had your 5th birthday party, Maya! Mommy wanted to share all the photos and details in one place so that means you're getting another post this week. By your request, this was a 'winter forest' party which was so much fun to create. Take a look:

Dessert table!
Edible pine cones by daddy--sooooo yummy!
Black Forest cupcakes with gummy berries
Mini cupcakes with Japanese mushroom candies
Coconut almond cupcakes (photo by grandpa)
Your own personal cake, Maya!
Birch tree straws, a gold bunting, and the cutest little fawn ever! 
And, of course, Nanny's cheesecake!
We had sweet little snowy scenes on top of urns decorating the tables.
And you get to add all these new little animal miniatures to your growing collection! (photo by grandpa)
Speaking of, the kid favor bags each had an animal, a couple straws, gummy berries, candy mushrooms, squirrel nut zippers...
And a little forest-in-a-jar kit to keep busy at the restaurant! Cotton ball snow, mini animals and trees, a jar, and glue dots!
Some pictures from our lunch--you wowed us all by using your knife so well, Maya!

(photo by grandpa)
Singing happy birthday and blowing out the candle--you looked like an angel, Maya!

(photo by grandpa)
(photo by grandpa)

You in your adorable custom-made woodland animal dress with a sweet flower crown!
Some cute pictures of you, too, Emi!

(photo by grandpa)

Opening your gifts from our lovely friends and family, Maya:

(photo by grandpa)
(photo by grandpa)
(photo by grandpa)
Photo ops with our sweet guests--we love them all!

(photo by grandpa)
(photo by grandpa)
Well, mommy is tired out and needing some sleep because tomorrow it's back to the grind. Love you both and so proud of and happy for you, Maya--my big FIVE year old!