Sunday, January 10, 2016

Cold hike, cold photos

Dear Maya and Emi,

After a busy weekend of an indoor playland birthday party, visiting friends and family, and a bunch of shopping with you two, mommy is feeling pretty exhausted right now. I did want to write a post, though, to catch up on some photos I hadn't shared yet.

I'll start with this little hike we went on after Christmas. We had fun until we turned around to come back and the wind hit us hard. It was so cold and you wouldn't keep your blanket on, Emi, and ended up crying so much. Next time it's footie pajamas for you!


And speaking of freezing cold, we tried to do a photo shoot with Grandpa and Lori last weekend while they were up but goodness was it ever cold. According to mommy's camera time stamps we were only outside for 13 minutes before we couldn't take it anymore.

So the moral of the story is that this warm winter is spoiling us and we can't handle the cold when it comes! (And today it was 55 degrees, foggy, thunder and lightning, rainbows reported everywhere, and a gorgeous sunset--???) Okay, mommy is going to get some rest now. Love you both!

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