Thursday, April 20, 2017

Pottying, dancing, and jumping

Dear Maya & Emi,

It's spring break! I don't even know how I'm managing to find time to post this, but I have a backlog of photos and stories waiting to get out so I feel I!

Soon after the last blog post, we went cold turkey with your potty training, Emi. The first week we were lucky enough to have Grandpa here to visit--the extra eyes to look out for the 'potty dance' and extra person to sit with you while you were trying were much appreciated! It was rough once he left. Then the next week went much better, and now this week we're back to some accidents again. But you have got #1 down pat and also never have accidents in bed so we can't complain too much.

We celebrated Baba's birthday the second weekend of April. With the potty training, mommy didn't even get to make homemade carrot cake like always, but we bought him one at the store and added some star sprinkles. You both made him the nicest cards, too! Too bad we didn't get more photos.

Next was Easter weekend! We went to visit Nanny and Poppy on Saturday to celebrate. The two of you danced your hearts out to the oldies music on the player piano--Emi, you often shook your tush during the fast songs and cracked us up; Maya, you embodied a ballerina during the ballads. So fun!

Thanks for the cute little chickies, Auntie Bobbie!

On Easter morning, the bunny left you guys a note that said there were letters inside some of the hidden eggs. It said that you had to unscramble the letters to form a clue for your big surprise. Maya, you needed some help to decipher that it said "OUTSIDE." When you both ran out to look, there was a new indoor/outdoor trampoline waiting for you! What an awesome Easter surprise for you two as well as for mom and dad (as it really tires you both out!)

Thanks to potty training and a bit of a cold for you and mommy, Emi, the only fun outing we've managed for spring break was going to the park on Monday. Otherwise we've run some errands, hung out in the yard, played on the trampoline inside and outside, and watched She-Ra (yay!)

Well, mommy needs some sleep! Love you both!