Thursday, September 25, 2014

Apples of my eye

Dear Maya and Emi,

Maya, mommy has to apologize that we haven't been able to go to the farm much this summer to get our crop share and pick vegetables. Between the end of pregnancy, Emi's birth and the aftermath, I just wasn't up to it. But starting this past week until the season ends in November, we're going to get back to our roots (har har). Going to the farm is going to be our special time each week, and this first time back was a really fun start. I know you really enjoy it there so mommy's looking forward to it.

We made our annual trip to pick apples last weekend. It was mommy's favorite farm so we also picked red and golden raspberries and a few pears and pumpkins, too. It was such nice weather for your first time, Emi, and we think you might have gotten the hang of spotting good apples already!

Emi your two-month checkup was this week. Everything looks great and you've gained another inch and another two pounds and five ounces! The appointment went very well except for lots of spitting up on the exam table and a crazy hyper/super needy big sister thrown in the mix. Ah, well.

Other highlights this week were you girls getting loved on by family and friends near and far. Maya, you've finally started speaking on the phone once in a while, chatting with your Great-Grandparents last week and Grandma today. You've also gotten bedtime Skypes the last two nights with Auntie Sam in Australia and Grandpa in North Carolina. Emi, you just about melted in your Great-Aunt Sue Sue's arms today. It makes mommy so happy to see you both get and give love to everyone.

Well, mommy needs her rest. Love you two!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Little pumpkin's two months

Dear Maya and Emi,

We're having a bit of a quiet week around here. Uncle Matt and Aunt Rhi are on vacation so mommy hasn't been really cooking or doing much other housework either. Instead we've been working on pulling out and weeding out fall/winter clothes since it's been getting cooler all of the sudden.

Maya, you and mommy went out for a few hours the other day, running errands, then ending up at the farm stand run by your buddy Wyatt's family. You couldn't stop running around showing me all the different gourds and pumpkins. Then we walked over to Wyatt's house and you played with him while the mommies chatted for a while. It was so nice to leave Emi home with daddy to have some quality time with you and with them.

Emi, you've been getting cuter and more entertaining by the day! We can make you smile and laugh now and you mimic mommy when she sticks out her tongue or raises her eyebrows. It's so funny to watch. Oh, and did I mention that you slept for 7- and 8-hour stretches for three nights in a row?!? Unfortunately the lucky streak ended last night, but mommy is convinced we can get it back, maybe even tonight. Maybe to celebrate your turning two months old today? Come on, what do you say???


Well, in case we don't have a good night's sleep, mommy's going to sign off now. Love you two!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Connecting with my girls

Dear Maya and Emi,

Not to toot my own horn, but mommy is doing a much better job parenting this week. The days are still running together and it seems we have one rough day for every good day, but mommy is getting better at handling the rough days with grace. The number of cross words has definitely decreased and the laughter has increased. Mommy is making a real effort to connect with each of you as much as possible, but also to take a step back so I don't go crazy. It seems to be working!

Maya, you have been behaving so well for the most part. Lately when we go grocery shopping you are so good in the stores. That used to be your biggest challenge so we're very proud of you. Also, you've been mostly good about staying quiet while mommy tries to get Emi to nap, even if it means more screen time than mommy's comfortable with. Thankfully you counteracted that by asking to go 'back to school' this week, so we started studying lower case letters in our pretend school setting.

Emi, you've been giving me a hard time with naps just about every other day! Fortunately you are always pretty good at night, going to sleep easily at 7 or 8 and waking up at about 1 and 4am give or take. During the day is another story, though. Today mommy really got on board with the sleep routine, though, and you rewarded me with a 2-hour nap, a 1-hour nap and a 3-hour nap. Since you were so well-rested, you also rewarded me tonight with smiles and even stuck out your tongue when I stuck out mine. Yay!

Well, it's bedtime for mommy. Love you two!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

The climbing, the shade

Dear Maya and Emi,

The days are running together now and if it weren't for photos, mommy would really have a hard time remembering how we've spent our time lately. Some days go really well and we get out of the house and have fun and there aren't too many tears shed by any of us. Some days don't go as well and seem filled with laundry and cross words and frustration. The rough edges will smooth out as we get into a routine. In the meantime, I hope you both know that mommy loves you even when I don't show it enough!

A couple of snapshots of our week:

  • Maya's checkup at the dentist--all is well!

  • A walk outside, just Maya and mommy, to make up for some of those cross words mentioned above

  • A trip to a conservation area for a little family cut short by rain

  • Lots and lots of big sister holding little sister

  • A trip to the park spent entirely enjoying one tree--Maya the climbing, Emi the shade

Well, time for mommy to get some sleep. Hoping for a good day tomorrow! Love you two!