Sunday, July 26, 2015

Parks and critters everywhere!

Dear Maya and Emi,

Back to writing to the two of you! I know mommy blogged just a couple days ago, but that was Emi's birthday post, so here's our regular one before I forget all the busy, fun, and crazy that was our last week. Here goes...

We had a few appointments early in the week that kept us in and out of the car so much. It was not our usual routine and we were all getting a little burnt out, so mommy threw in a few quick park picnics. If we're going to eat lunch, we might as well eat it under a tree somewhere!

Maya, on Wednesday you woke up with 5 insect bites of some sort, mostly on your shoulder and arm. Throughout the day they grew in size and puffiness until, despite the pediatrician's assurances that they weren't dangerous, we ended up taking you to the emergency room in the evening. Of course the ER doctor took a look at them and said they weren't dangerous. You totally enjoyed your hospital visit and couldn't keep from wiggling and smiling. It was pretty comical, actually.

You also finished your swimming lessons this week, Maya. You are so proud of yourself for jumping in the water (while holding the teacher's hand) and we are, too! You really love swimming now, so you were pretty bummed that we didn't bring your swimsuit to your buddy Wyatt's house for their big backyard barbecue last night. Luckily there were tons of other things to do besides swim--you loved the trampoline, bouncy house, and swings, plus catching bugs and feeding their bunnies. How fun!

Today, we celebrated an unexpected free afternoon with a trip to a small, local zoo! Maya, you loved looking for each new animal and even worked on reading the map. Emi, you seemed pretty happy to be in the stroller for a change and you even shared a look with a lemur.

After the zoo, we went to a nearby park for a little playground fun. Emi, you spent your time picking up rocks and lining them up on our legs. Maya, you found a couple girls to play pretend with and drove your firetruck to save every kitten in every tree everywhere. It was such a great afternoon!

Well, mommy needs some sleep. This coming week is going to be packed! Love you both!

Friday, July 24, 2015

A Year of Emi

Dear Emi,

This past several days, even more than usual, mommy has been treasuring the squeezes and three little kisses I give you before gently laying you down to sleep. They're the closest moments of the day I have to feeling like you're still my snuggly little newborn baby. Now you're a toddler and I can't believe how you've grown and how your personality has bloomed. With a box of tissues handy, here it is, a look back over this first year of yours in pictures not shared on the blog before. Sigh...

July 2014
August 2014
September 2014
October 2014
November 2014
December 2014
January 2015
February 2015
March 2015

April 2015
May 2015
June 2015
And to cap off this post, here's a little slideshow mommy made of you eating your birthday cake!

Love you!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Birthdays, bugs, and blood

Dear Maya and Emi,

It has been a very special week! This will just be a quick blog post detailing what we've been up to, but another one will be up soon showing off some very special, very messy photos that we took today. Mommy is looking forward to it!

Last weekend we celebrated mommy's birthday here at home with cake and presents. Mommy also celebrated online by creating a social media invitation to help pay back the blood banks that saved my life around this time last year. So far there have been 4 blood donations and 2 monetary donations and mommy couldn't be happier! This blood drive will culminate with my own donation on August 27th and if anyone reading wants to participate, please leave your email below and I'll contact you!

Maya practicing cake decorating skills--sorry for the low quality phone pics!

During the week we went to the library for the Audubon day where, Maya, you touched a turtle, a huge cockroach, a snake, a walking stick bug, and a dove. Add to that the big grasshopper you caught at home, the snails from the farm, and the frogs and tadpoles (you call them 'tagpoles') outside the athletic center where your swim classes are, and you've had quite a week with creatures. Luckily not too many of them come inside with you!

Yesterday was your first birthday, Emi! Mommy was pretty sentimental starting the night before, going through many of your photos from the last year. We had a pretty normal day at home and we were going to take some pictures outside in the evening but it started to rain. Today we went grocery shopping but after we came home and you got your nap, Emi, we did go outside with this little cake for you to go to town on. Those pictures will be in the next blog post, though!

Love you both!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Up, up and away!

Dear Maya and Emi,

Well, mommy finally had to buy a pocket-sized day planner--the wall calendar just wasn't cutting it anymore. Yes, that's how busy the weeks and days are turning out to be. With mommy's business starting to flourish and so many fun outings for you girls, it's hard to keep track of what's next!

Maya, you started swimming lessons this week! The goal for the first 6 lessons is to get comfortable putting your face in the water and possibly to do a back float. You are fearless and excited and can't wait for your turn with the teachers to go try out each new skill. Mommy is so proud!

Emi, you've been toddling around at a faster and faster pace lately. You get into everything and are interested in any new thing we put in front of you. Your babbling is becoming more animated by the day and you can clearly let us know when you're done--with your food or with your sister's antics.

Maya, yesterday mommy took you out for a 'super duper special surprise' without telling you where we were going. We saw a hot air balloon launch! You were in your own happy world, spinning around dancing while they blew up the huge balloon, closer to it than most of the other spectators.

Mommy was so glad you enjoyed your surprise, Maya, and even more glad that you were up for a few scenic photo ops on the way home from our adventure--after some ice cream, of course! We stopped at a wheat field and a corn field and you commented on how beautiful the sky was and how orange the sun was getting as it got lower in the sky. By George, I think you've got an artist's eye already! We stayed out past your bedtime but it was so worth it!

Well, mommy needs her rest for another fun and busy week. Love you both!