Monday, July 29, 2013

P is for Progress!

Dear Maya,

Pssst. Mommy's afraid to say this out loud so I'm just going to whisper, okay? It seems like we might possibly have sorta kinda somehow made toddler progress lately. No one's saying the little tantrums and bossiness are history--no no, even today was proof of that. But there have been these wonderful moments and minutes and even hours when you have shown that you can entertain yourself quietly and express your thoughts and feelings with words instead of screams. It's a beautiful, beautiful thing.

Take our trip to the park last Wednesday. The sky was overcast and threatening showers, but it was so much cooler than it had been so we took a chance and went to the park. There were no other kids there when we arrived, but you took off to enjoy the rope climb, slides, etc. with only a couple of "Come here, mama"s in the beginning. You played for about an hour (!) and let mommy have some peace and quiet with her book under a tree. Later some kids came and you joined right in with them.


The rest of the week has been typical of the summer so far--a trip to the farm to get our veggies and pick herbs and flowers, gardening and playing outside, and crafts and games inside. We studied "P" and our key word "pizza" had you catching on very quickly. Several nights before bed while reading a book called "Pete's a Pizza" we pretended that you were a pizza and kneaded, stretched and tickled you with 'flour' fingers. And on Thursday, daddy made you a pizza with a "P" right on it!


Lately you speak new full sentences every day and tell us how you feel and what you notice in the world around you. You've started using the word 'my' an awful lot and although often a sign of selfishness, it is just plain adorable when you put it before the name of someone you love.

Well, mommy needs some rest. Love you!

Monday, July 22, 2013

O, what a week!

Dear Maya,

We've had lots of excitement around here this week--some planned, some not, some great, some not so hot...

Last Tuesday mommy's friend Charlotte came over to babysit you while mommy went to the dentist. You had a blast running around, swimming, playing and wrestling with your buddy Wyatt for a couple hours. You two are so well-matched in size and energy--it's really fun to watch you together.

You had had a heat rash last week and though it had gotten better, it really flared up again. We didn't realize until a second trip to the pediatrician on Wednesday that you have scarlet fever! You were in such a good mood at the doctor's office, though, even thanking him after he did your throat swab!?!? Poor Wyatt got it, too, and we're still hoping with fingers crossed that you didn't give it to your baby cousin Grace! Mommy got it as well, though without a visible rash--just a lot of itching.

We studied "O" is for octopus this week and you caught on really quickly, of course. You've also been saying more new words and phrases and making up lots of new song lyrics. The funniest example of the former was when you looked up from threading beads on a pipe cleaner, took my hand and said, "Nice to meet you" out of the blue! The funniest example of the latter would have to be when you sang "water, pool, water, pool, water in the pool" to the tune of "Jingle Bells" in the car on a hot day. Cute!

This weekend we pulled off a big surprise--a tea party bridal shower for Aunt Rhi in our own backyard! On Sunday morning, Uncle Matt got her out of the house at 9am and by the time they got back at 12:30 we had a tent, tables, chairs, cute decor, fun games, yummy food, and lovely guests waiting! Rhi was really surprised and it was a nice time. You especially enjoyed the mini croquet sets, finger sandwiches, cupcakes, and the attention from Grandma, Aunt Sue-Sue and the other guests.

Today you and mommy went over to babysit Grace for a little while so Aunt Kelsie could get some rest. Calming down after our exciting day yesterday and having to share mommy's attention with a baby couldn't have been easy, but you were SO good! You continued being well-behaved all afternoon and we had so much fun playing outside. After dinner Matt, Rhi, daddy and mommy played badminton while you ran around us giggling and having a grand old time. It was a great day!


Well, it's bedtime little darling. Love you!

Monday, July 15, 2013

N: our nonstop nut

Dear Maya,

Mommy is super tired after a full weekend and lots of hot weather, so this post will be kind of short.

Pretty much every day lately you've been coming up with new words and sentences and it's so awesome and adorable all at once. Some of our favorites this week were "try it," "dance with me," "oh, man!" and "thank you too much" which you corrected to "so much" a couple days later.

You've also been remembering your new letters pretty well lately. You picked up a letter magnet mommy accidentally knocked on the floor the other day and said "Green H--H is for hat" and just about knocked mommy's socks off! Although we're not quite sure about the written forms yet, you can clearly hear the difference between the names of the letters "M" and "N" and tell us that they stand for "monkey" and "nose" respectively. Good job!

Between bouts of typical toddler behavior like making messes and being demanding, you've slowly been trying to help out more around the house. In the last few days you've helped mommy do some cleaning and helped daddy do some weeding outside. That pretty much makes up for the last few days when you had us struggling to get you to stay in your room for naps and bedtime each night. Luckily within a few minutes of implementing the techniques in our favorite sleep book, you were right back on track.

And, finally, we've had a fun run of days around here. We celebrated mommy's birthday for a few days--first a yummy dinner and gifts with Uncle Matt and Aunt Rhi on Saturday night, a fun trip to a local touristy town on Sunday, and a visit from Aunt Kelsie and Baby Grace today. She loves to watch you with her big, beautiful eyes as you run around like a nut, showing off for her. You two sweet cousins are going to have such wonderful times together!

Well, mommy needs some sleep! Love you!

Monday, July 8, 2013

M: More, Monkey, Maya!

Dear Maya,

We've been on the go pretty much all week and it takes sitting down to write this post for mommy to really remember all that we've done. The weather has been mostly hot and humid so we've been trying to keep cool with the pool, the hose, and a few icy treats in between running around.

On Tuesday after the library story hour, we drove an hour to the hospital where your great-grandma was having knee surgery. Due to a delayed start time, we ended up hanging out in the waiting room with your great-grandpa and great aunt and uncle for 5 hours! You spent much of that time running around like a crazy child, much to mommy's chagrin, but at least you took the occupants' minds off of worrying about their loved ones! Great-grandma made it through with flying colors and is doing well.

Kermit has been everywhere with us lately!

On Wednesday morning we went to the park and soon after we arrived a couple of older girls came to play. You all got along really well and they seem to have encouraged you to be a little more daring and independent. You mastered the rope net, climbed up the slides and worked on the monkey bars, too.

Thursday was the 4th of July and everyone had the day off work. Mommy and daddy took you to the stream for a little while, then we went to the new, fancy ice cream shop in town for some cones. Later in the day Uncle Matt made us a yummy dinner on the grill while we played outside some more.


Friday we went to the farm. This time mommy walked ahead into the rows of peas and when I came back with my pints you had pretty much filled your pint, too! You're getting really good at harvesting, and this week you added herbs to your repertoire. You thought the parsley was broccoli, though.

This week you really seemed to enjoy studying the letter "M" as you should since it starts many of your favorite words: monkey, mama, Matt, me, my, more and our key word this week, Maya! You've also come out with lots of surprise words and sentences lately that mommy didn't realize you knew or could use yet. While looking out the window the other day you said "garbage truck" clear as day and you've been using "it's too big" or "it's too small" perfectly all of the sudden. That's my smart girl!

Daddy showing off his artistic skills on your blackboard...
and your impression of the dragon he drew!
Well, here's hoping for some slightly milder weather to enjoy with you this week. Love you!