Monday, July 1, 2013

L: Learning, laughing, love!

Dear Maya,

Just a quick update tonight because mommy has a bit of a headache and not a lot of pictures to share...

We studied "L" this week and our key word "leaf" lent itself to fall-themed books from the library, but the weather has been anything but autumnal. Soaring temperatures send us running for the kiddie pool pretty much daily and late day thunderstorms have us running to close the windows pretty often, too.

Saturday we went to the summer reading program kickoff event at Auntie Rhi's library. You got really good at blowing bubbles and had fun playing with some bigger kids. The musician who brought lots of kid-friendly instruments, masks, hats and ride-on horses was a hit, too.

You've been waking up super early in the mornings and begging us to play. We've colored, made houses and castles out of blocks, built blanket forts, etc., all before the clock struck six. But the most entertaining was definitely when you played dress-up with daddy first thing in the morning!

Well, mommy needs some extra sleep to keep up with your early mornings.
Love you!

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