Monday, June 24, 2013

You hold the Key

Dear Maya,

Looking back over photos of this past week, it is obvious that mommy didn't have her camera out too much. Between the library story hour, hot afternoons spent in the pool, and the time mommy put in to having a yard sale, there wasn't a lot of photo documentation. We had some good times, though:

  • Super early morning trip to the park--we were there before 8am!

  • Yet more bubble machine playtime on the deck

  • Studying "K is for key" by opening a lock to find a "K" magnet and surprises inside a gift bag

  • Picking peas at the farm where we go every Friday for our CSA share

And some sad news...this week our 'downstairs cat' Lightning passed unexpectedly. It was very sad and confusing for the adults in the house, but you don't seem to have noticed yet. True, he only came out to greet you occasionally, preferring to sleep all day and only come out after you were in bed. When you did see him, you loved to feed him treats and call him cute, and what was really cute was how you pronounced his name--more like "nineteen" than Lightning. We'll miss you little buddy!

photo by Auntie Rhi
Love you, Maya!

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